Along with band-aids, tweezers, and bug repellent, our first aid kit has an assortment of natural remedies for common kid maladies. Some come from the kitchen and some from the natural food store, and every one of them has come through for us.

10 Natural Remedies for Kids for the Family First Aid Kit:

  1. Honey – Unfiltered raw honey is a magical healing food. Use a spoonful for cough syrup, and mix in some turmeric for a sore throat. Honey is our favorite treatment for cuts, splinters, and wounds that don’t heal. It draws out the moisture, and has a natural antibiotic action. We get local honey from our co-op, in bulk.
  2. Temp Assure from Herbs for Kids – An alcohol-free tincture with echinacea, peppermint, elderflowers, yarrow, and catnip, Temp Assure supports the body’s temperature-regulating system. We use this for a fever that rises quickly, otherwise we let the fever run its course.
  3. Rescue Remedy from Bach Flower Remedies – This homeopathic remedy has worked wonders for us when we have kids in shock from a big fall, a traumatic experience, or just extremely upset children.
  4. Cold Symptoms for Kids from Wish Garden Herbs – Cold Symptoms is a great tasting tincture for colds, coughs, or runny noses. Our kids have no problem taking it, sometimes asking for seconds…It is made with wild-crafted and organic herbs: wild cherry, thyme, garlic, yerba santa and horehound.
  5. Honey House Propolis Salve from Honey Gardens Apiaries – A perfect topical treatment for scrapes, burns, and other superficial wounds, this thick salve stays on. The propolis, calendula and plantain make for a healing formula, and the honey and beeswax give it a comforting fragrance. I carry this with me in my personal bag everywhere I go.
  6. Arnica Montana homeopathic remedy from Boiron – This is another internal remedy for bruises, trauma, and sore muscles, and kids usually dig the tiny pellets. They look like some kind of fun candy.
  7. Ssssting Stop from Boericke & Tafel – Got mosquito bites? Bee stings? Ssssting Stop works like a charm, taking care of the itch and soothing the pain. We take this with us almost everywhere in the summer.
  8. Tea Tree oil – A great antiseptic and antifungal, tea tree oil is potent stuff for topical application to wounds.
  9. Coconut Oil – We have found unrefined coconut oil to be the best treatment for sunburns, and it is the only lotion or hair conditioner we use. Massage some into your hair before showering, then shampoo as usual. We like the Nutiva and Spectrum brands.
  10. Emergen-C – This fizzy vitamin C drink is a great electrolyte, and gives a boost of natural energy.
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Being prepared has really made a difference during family outings. Having the remedies for most of the common childhood ailments all together in a kit means not having to gather them up when you’re packing.

What’s in your first aid kit? Leave us a comment.

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