7 Eco-Friendly Mom Approved Websites for Kids

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Today’s shout out goes to all those websites that help our kids go green. The websites that are full of activities, pictures, resources, guides and how-to’s that get our kids interested in learning about the environment. My son is just starting to use the computer on his own and has more curiosity about nature websites – which  has lead me to find some websites that I feel are 1) age appropriate 2) educational 3) engaging. I do not mind video games but I prefer for my child to really think and take something away from the game after they’ve spent 20 minutes. It’s 20 minutes they cannot get back in life.

Kids Planet – Kids learn fun facts about animals of their choices, how they can defend the animals and then some fun games. There is even a teacher’s page.

The Green Squad – I have this hope my son will be a leader and have his own little “green squad” but I’m not sure if that will happen ( a mom can dream). This site is hosted by the NRDC and what I like most is how the site gives a child easy steps to start a squad and get involved in making their school greener.

Web Rangers–  This website is about protecting our national parks. My family is just beginning to explore nature parks, hiking and there is a sudden interest in camping. Web rangers lets my son learn about the different parks and how to care for them and protect the wilderness.

Recycle City – This is probably one of my favorite sites because my son gets to explore exactly what happens when something is recycled. There is a scavenger hunt and several activities and recycling that are educational and fun.

Treetures – This is a very fun website that is easily to coordinate lesson plans for teachers. Children get to learn about good and bad bugs, the different types of trees, composting and more. There are fun coloring pages, printable finger puppets and the site is very interactive. My son probably enjoys this website the most.

Yucky by Discovery Kids – Another bookmarked website for my son that is science, math and environmentally based.
My son gets to play fun games, watch videos and have super heroes that are fighting slime verses evil aliens!!

Fish Kids by the US EPA – My son sleeps, eats and breaths fishing. It’s his favorite thing in the world to do and he’s always very concerned about the water, the aquatic life and the health of the fish. He’s definitely a sports fisher and has no problem throwing the fish back into the water. This website is fun for him to learn about different fish and fish advisories. Note, we do need to play this with him.

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