Itchy Ear Relief

A Natural Soothing Solution for Itchy Ears this Allergy Season

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I have a confession to make.

I have an annoying habit and it plaques me each spring.

I itch my ears.

No seriously. It’s gross and I feel like my dog but I can’t take it.

Can. Not. Take. It.

I know I’m not supposed to stick anything smaller than my elbow into my ear but really, who listens to that advice? What about the saying that if you have a scratch, you should scratch it?

I used to think I was crazy or that it was hereditary, my sister does it too. My doctor (and the Google doctor) said it was allergies and of course, I could do over the counter allergy medicine and nasal spray to help. Even my eye doctor said it was allergies and I should take eye drops.

After cursing spring out, again this year, I rubbed my eyes, itched my ears, and blew my nosNow Foods Ear Oil Relief to Sooth Itchy Earse. There had to be a solution. My ears drive me nuts and I do not want to keep popping pills and sniffing nasal spray.

In the past, I had some success with ear drops so I decided to see if my friends at Now Foods had any natural products that could help me out. I trust their products and everything I have used so far I love so maybe they would have a solution.

And BAM, they do.

A little one-ounce bottle of ear oil now provides me with soothing relief each night. I don’t wake up scratching my ears like a dog. I simply warm the bottle in my hands for a few minutes and then put a few drops of oil in each ear, plug with a cotton ball and hit the sack.

That is it and it is working wonders. The Now Solutions ear oil is a natural blend of herbs that cleanse and moisturizes the delicate tissues of the ear canal. Apparently, my itching was making matters worse and my ear canal was irritated and dry, making matters worse.

If you have itchy ears, I highly recommend this product. I still have watery eyes and other allergy symptoms but my ears are much, much better!

Disclaimer: I am a Now Foods Ambassador, I am compensated for my time. All opinions and experiences are my own. 

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