Aller-Ease Review: Stop Those Itchy Nights For Good

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Does anyone suffer from allergies? I don’t but my daughter and husband sure do. I never thought that when I had my daughter I would have to go to extreme measures just to keep her comfortable from the irritating and sometimes painful symptoms of allergies and asthma.

My daughter has suffered from severe eczema which is in part caused by her allergies. When my daughter was too small to scratch her own skin she would rub the back of her legs raw (to the point that they would bleed ) on her car seat. It was and still is heart wrenching to see her claw at herself, wheeze, give her breathing treatments and have to run her to the ER. My daughter is allergic to dust mite, cats, grass, hay, mold, corn pollen and just about every weed you can think of.

What Have We Tried Before Aller-Ease?

My husband and I have altered how we clean, what we bath her with, how we launder our clothes, we’ve pulled up the carpet in our house, dust regularly and have covered all of our beds and pillow cases with pillow case and mattress protectors.

All of the measures we have taken have helped but the one that has been the most visibly effective was placing mattress and pillow case protectors on our beds and pillows. We went from watching my daughter wiggle around, scratch herself and her eczema flare up to a restful night of sleep; once we placed the mattress and pillow protectors on. I have used different brands of protectors but Aller-Ease is my number one recommendation.

Aller-Ease Tested

We have Aller-Ease products in every bedroom. We have used

  • the waterproof mattress protectors
  • the mattress encasement’s
  • the pillow encasement’s
  • and now I am proud to say I have used the washable allergy protection pillow too

The washable allergy protection pillow was sent to me to review and I give it two thumbs up. The washable allergy protection pillow doesn’t just get my stamp of approval but Good Housekeeping has ranked the pillow #1 and gives them an A+ rating too.

They are great all around pillows for every household; soft, comfortable and affordable.  The pillows range in price from $13.49 up to $22.00 for the hot water washable pillow and provide both your wallet and your bedroom some comfort.

The pillows have a soft cotton shell and provide protection against pollen and household allergen’s. Another great benefit to this pillow is that it’s washable.   This is a great allergy protection pillow at an affordable price.

Aller-Ease provides comfort to asthma and allergy sufferers by providing them with a bed that is free of dust mites, bed bugs, pet dander, pollen and mold.

Why I Really Like Aller-Ease

Ok, so they keep my baby allergy-free. That is the first and most important point. Tick!

Waterproof & Maschine-Washable

But where I am really sold is in the side-benefits. They are waterproof and machine washable and with our family that really helps during the potty training stage too. You know the problem, lots of wet beds at night and washing to be done. And now, I can wash them without worrying!

After washing both of my pillows they came out fluffy and maintained its original form, no more flat, lumpy, bumpy, nasty pillows.

Doesn’t Feel Like Plastic

I loved that the product wasn’t loud and uncomfortable like some of the vinyl or plastic products out there. We have the product on our daughters bed and now our bed and they are perfect to sleep on! No rustling, or uncomfortable feeling when you put your head down to sleep. Gotta love that!

Aller-Ease lab tested

Third Party Lab Tested

All Aller-Ease products are third-party lab-tested and Allergist recommended and have earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. So, you know you are getting a product you can trust and on top of that, I have had nothing but great experiences with them.

I have tried Aller-Ease and recommend them to anyone that is or isn’t an allergy sufferer. It protects you and your child from many household allergens but also protects your mattress for the long haul.

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