Choosing non-toxic baby products for mom and baby does not have to be complicated.  Besides pointing all new moms and friends to Healthy Child Healthy World I have some favorite stand-by gifts that I love to shower my friends and family with when new baby arrives. Here are my top 5 non-toxic products for babies and mom that will surely be a hit and make you feel good about the gift giving:

1.  Swaddle Designs Organic (certified) Cotton Receiving Blanket. Oh, my so soft and cozy I wish someone would make one big enough so I could be swaddled! An iParenting Media award winner, featured on Dr. Phil and the Doctors and best of all preshrunk and made in the USA. Of course all new moms love new stuff and nothing beats a swaddled baby that is sleeping cozy in mama’s arms! Check out a great  guide for buying swaddles at The Babble Out.

2.  Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter, Booby Tubes and Milkmaid Tea. I love the look on a new breast feeding moms face when I hand her the soothing nipple butter that is plant-based and lanolin free. It is hospital recommended, has no toxins mom feels comfortable using it all while helping to soothe her sore breastfeeding nipples and she adjusts. The Booby Tubes will be a life saver to any new mom to help ease any discomfort and best of all they are gel-free and can be used warm or cold. Mommy can rest assure they are safe and made of 100% organic cotton and filled with Flax seed so there is no risk of the booby tubes becoming too cold and doing damage to her sensitive nipples. The Milkmaid tea is perfect for mom needing to have something warm and soothing while helping milk production safely.

3.  Plum™ Organics Samples. I love to give any new mom samplings of products that she can try before baby comes or when baby arrives that are an alternative to traditional grocery store items. Plum™ Organics offers a variety of yummy, convenient and healthy food for baby and toddler. This seems like a strange baby shower gift but parents need to know of options and things they can buy when baby is ready for their first food. This gives mom a chance to try the product herself, find out where to purchase the product and even let her friends’ children sample so she knows they’re a hit! A favorite of mine is the Plum™ Organics baby food with the Boon Dispensing spoon. For moms who will be on the go this is super handy! The food is certified organic, great tasting (I’ve tried the pear and mango) and the spoon and pouches are BPA free, phthalate and PVC free!

4. Non-Toxic Baby Proofing Gear. I like mom to be prepared for that crawling and walking baby so loading them up with some Rhoost baby safety items certainly makes life easier when the time comes for those first steps! Read a recent review of Rhoost and you’ll know why this makes a perfect green baby shower gift!

5.  Sleepy Time Bath. I love the ecoStore USA sleepy time bath and sometimes even use it for myself taking a capful in the shower with me. It is such a pleasant scent that is calming and just what a tired baby needs at the end of a long and playful day! From personal experience I can tell you my children sleep very well after using this lavender and geranium aromatherapy blend at bath time (just a tiny amount is needed).

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