Last night I think I had an anxiety attack. Actually I’m certain I did. My heart was racing a million miles a minute, I was breathing quickly and felt freaked out, like the world was coming to an end but it really wasn’t  The cause of this, in my opinion, feeling overwhelmed by everything happening in my life and the home feeling chaotic and cluttered.  Which, I guess is common because feeling cluttered, disorganized and chaotic can indeed cause stress and anxiety – so I’m not alone.

This is how it all started, when I went into my son’s room only to see piles and piles of little toys and treasures-everywhere! Yes, clutter. I feel like every part of my home and life has these piles of clutter and for someone that likes to be organized and in control these piles stress me out. From the kitchen counter that everyone just dumps stuff onto and let’s mom take care of, to my email inbox, wallet stuffed full of receipts, stacks of bills to sort through, closets with snow pants that are too small and mittens that don’t fit to my car full of the kids junk. Everywhere I turn and who picks these piles up, sorts them and takes care of the chaos? Me!

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I know it sounds silly but this clutter, this overwhelming to-do list and what feels like a world of priorities are all landing on my shoulders – it literally gave me an anxiety attack last night. Of course on the eve of my husband going in for surgery and Christmas looming on the horizon and a vacation around the corner! So I made a clear plan with my son that his room needed to be cleaned and not by me. That the toys all had their baskets, drawers, shelves and boxes and they needed to be put away or I was donating all of it, everything not put away.

I lay in bed last night and decided I needed to do something about this. Something, I don’t know what of course but something because the anxieties, the overwhelming amount of stress this disorganization and clutter is causing me cannot stick around. I don’t have time for it now that I have a husband that will be recovering from gallbladder surgery, two children to take care, a business to run, my daughter’s cheer competition, a large holiday and a vacation to Florida. There is simply no time for anxiety attacks and disorganization and clutter like this! None at all and so I went to Google.

Of course, I Goggled- doesn’t everyone?

My Google Research on Getting Organized and Cleaning the Clutter:

Simple Organized Living – I’ve got ideas for ways to purge the toys, organize my closets, electronics and purse. I’m on it and this blog rocks! Thankfully, I’m in the hospital waiting room with plenty of time to read and make my plan – to get lost reading this blog!

Zen Habits – A favorite blog of mine giving me some excellent tips on where to get started and taking just 5 minutes to get started. After all I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by where to start and so I love these quick and simple decluttering tips to help me get started, like teaching my kids how to help me and making a 30 day list!

Related post:   Simple Bedroom Organization Tips

Oprah – Of course has an article that will help me and I found some great tips on creating a simpler kitchen and if I own it, it should have value in my life. Really, who needs more “stuff”?

A Flourishing Life – Offering some great tips on helping me let go of stuff that I don’t need and how I can declutter my mind. Boy, oh, boy do I need to just clear my head and I’m starting with this good read and you should too!

Real Simple – The kids both have what I feel like are cluttered rooms with toys unorganized and piles everywhere. Real Simple offered handy checklists to help me get started tackling their rooms. Now I just need to find the time and get started!

Alright, I hope I’ve inspired you while helping myself too! This afternoon and evening when we leave the hospital I’m going to tuck my recovering husband into bed and get busy! Wish me luck!

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