Anxiety over Clutter and Disorganization – How To Beat It

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Last night I think I had an anxiety attack. Actually, I’m certain I did. My heart was racing a million miles a minute, I was breathing quickly and felt freaked out, like the world was coming to an end but it really wasn’t  The cause of this, in my opinion, feeling overwhelmed by everything happening in my life and the home feeling chaotic and cluttered.  Which, I guess is common because feeling cluttered, disorganized and chaotic can indeed cause stress and anxiety – so I’m not alone.

This is how it all started when I went into my son’s room only to see piles and piles of little toys and treasures everywhere! Yes, clutter. I feel like every part of my home and life has these piles of clutter and for someone that likes to be organized and in control these piles stress me out. From the kitchen counter that everyone just dumps stuff onto and let’s mom take care of, to my email inbox, wallet stuffed full of receipts, stacks of bills to sort through, closets with snow pants that are too small, and mittens that don’t fit my car full of the kids’ junk. Everywhere I turn and who picks these piles up, sorts them, and takes care of the chaos? Me!

I know it sounds silly but this clutter, this overwhelming to-do list, and what feels like a world of priorities are all landing on my shoulders – it literally gave me an anxiety attack last night. Of course on the eve of my husband going in for surgery and Christmas looming on the horizon and vacation around the corner! So I made a clear plan with my son that his room needed to be cleaned and not by me. That the toys all had their baskets, drawers, shelves, and boxes and they needed to be put away or I was donating all of it, everything not put away.

I lay in bed last night and decided I needed to do something about this. Something, I don’t know what of course but something because the anxieties, the overwhelming amount of stress this disorganization and clutter is causing me cannot stick around. I don’t have time for it now that I have a husband that will be recovering from gallbladder surgery, two children to take care of, a business to run, my daughter’s cheer competition, a large holiday, and a vacation to Florida. There is simply no time for anxiety attacks and disorganization and clutter like this! None at all and so I went to Google.

Of course, I Goggled- doesn’t everyone?

My Research on Getting Organized and Cleaning the Clutter:

Simple Organized Living – I’ve got ideas for ways to purge the toys, organize my closets, electronics and purse. I’m on it and this blog rocks! Thankfully, I’m in the hospital waiting room with plenty of time to read and make my plan – to get lost reading this blog! Even the nurses are bored sometimes, constantly checking the time on their special nursing watches!

Zen Habits – A favorite blog of mine giving me some excellent tips on where to get started and taking just 5 minutes to get started. After all, I don’t want to feel overwhelmed by where to start and so I love these quick and simple decluttering tips to help me get started, like teaching my kids how to help me and making a 30-day list!

A Flourishing Life – Offering some great tips on helping me let go of stuff that I don’t need and how I can declutter my mind. Boy, oh, boy do I need to just clear my head and I’m starting with this good read and you should too!

Real Simple – The kids both have what I feel like are cluttered rooms with toys unorganized and piles everywhere. Real Simple offered handy checklists to help me get started tackling their rooms. Now I just need to find the time and get started!

Lessons Learned From Getting Decluttered

Stuff Accumulates

It comes from the sky or some hole in the wall? I truly do not know where some of the items came from.

We Need Less

I need to be more vigilant and reducing what I buy, the reviews I accept and the gifts my children get. We just do not need all of the stuff to live a happy life.

Recycle, Reuse and Giveaway

In an effort to not just toss everything I did not want I recycled as much as possible or tried to find new uses for items. That way I am not only cleaning up, but also being good to the environment, right?

Tips and Pointers for Getting Organized and Saying No to Clutter:


Set a plan for what you want to organize, the time line and how you will organize the space. Will you use new storage containers, boxes or bags? A great website for inspiration is Get Buttoned Up!

Organize First

Before you start making a huge mess have a box for recycling, a box for charity, and one box for garbage.

Round Up the Troops

Grab some helpers or motivate others to help you and the time with fly by!


Some good tunes will set the mood and you’ll have fun dancing, singing, and feeling the groove while you get organized.

Alright, I hope I’ve inspired you while helping myself too! This afternoon and evening when we leave the hospital I’m going to tuck my recovering husband into bed and get busy! Wish me luck!

Bedroom Organization Tips and Tricks

Simple bedroom organization tips

These tips can lessen anxiety and stress both in the morning and at night. An organized bedroom can make life much easier!  When you climb into bed and your bedroom is cluttered with clothing all over the floor you may notice how your anxiety and stress are high. You don’t really want to be in your bedroom if it is a mess, right?  Okay, maybe it is just me but I am betting others feel the same way and to help you begin your day and end your day on an organized note here are four easy tips to help you keep your bedroom organized.

Ditch the Clutter

Don’t throw the receipts from your pocket, the spare change, and scraps of paper on your dresser or nightstand with the intention of picking them up later. Nope, you’ll forget and the clutter will stay there for lord only knows how long! Instead have a trash can placed next to your dresser or nightstand and a jar for spare change. When you empty your pockets place everything where it goes, not in piles!

Organize the Closet

I say this in part because I need to become better at this and know that if my closet was more organized I’d have an easier time getting out the door in the morning and fewer clothing items on hangers thrown all over the bed in the morning. When you have your shoes, belts, scarves, and items crammed together it is hard to find what you need and makes your morning more stressful. I know because I am experiencing this right now and I’m about to overhaul the closet!

bed and clothes

Don’t toss it on the Bed

I beg you to not toss it on the bed because it will just reside on your bed for when you come home from work and therefore will only taunt you. The clutter will scream your name and you’ll resist and leave the bedroom, it won’t be a place of calmness. The small pile that needs to be hung up will simply become a heaping pile. It only takes 10 seconds to hang the shirt back up or fold the sweater and put it away. Your bed is for you to sleep on not for your clothing to rest on as a holding place.

Laundry, Laundry Everywhere!

If it is dirty place it in the hamper or takes it to the laundry room. If it is clean fold it and put it away or hang it up. Leaving your clothes in a pile will only cause them to wrinkle and you’ll either waste energy throwing them in the dryer to heat the wrinkles out or you’ll spend time ironing. It is also possible you’ll mix clean and dirty clothes together and just wash everything! What a waste!

Simple bedroom organizing tips that will help you start your day on a good note and lessen your anxiety and stress levels to help you sleep. Lord knows I’m looking for ways to overcome the stress, anxiety, and insomnia so why not start with bedroom organization!

12 thoughts on “Anxiety over Clutter and Disorganization – How To Beat It”

  1. misty funnell

    thank you!!!! i know my husband thinks i am the only one out there that struggles with this and probably thinks i’m going a little crazy. i did the same thing two weeks ago with my kids and told them whatever was not picked up was going in a garbage bag. it was a very full bag:( today, there room is on it’s way again to the trash. i will check out these tips.

  2. Jennifer Rees

    Clutter makes me lose it!! Andrea (Simple Organized Living) has some amazing suggestions for clearing out the clutter. I hope your husband is doing well!

  3. I struggle with this all.the.time. My husband has a military mentality about the level of clean for our house and it makes it impossible to be as ‘green’ as I would like. I’ve gotten better at letting the loss of stuff not be an issue, but keeping things in order is a real challenge with a toddler in the house! Bins, bins, and more bins is all that works.

  4. Clutter is really equivalent to stress. Maybe a lot of busy Moms feel what you feel. We have to deal our own clutter at the office but what about our home? How can we encourage our kids and even the husband to help organize the things?

  5. We have a very clean house but the clutter is the “stuff” that everyone piles for me to take care of. It seems to be in places that are easy drop off’s for everyone and it drives me nuts!

  6. greenandcleanmom

    I hear you girl and it just seems to pile up and thus I feel a loss of control and it drives me crazy sauce! He is doing better, thanks for asking. Sore still and today bored.

  7. greenandcleanmom

    I have threatened the garbage bag a dozen times and need to do it! My son did a very good job at organizing his room and thanked me afterwards because he could find what he was looking for!

  8. Girl I live in a constant state of anxiety! It is tough running a biz, being a mom, worrying about everything. The one thing that helps me is knowing that I do not have to be perfect and that things always work themselves out if you do the best you can. Big hugs!

  9. greenandcleanmom

    I agree! I think we have to be okay with taking a break or just saying no to stuff and yes to ourselves. I’m learning the hard way! =)

  10. Fabricio Montesdeoca

    We have used the zen habits site to learn some new habits and they are an amazing resource…am going to have to try the flourishing life next! Thanks for the great resource…:)

  11. This type of anxiety attack is very common most of moms. It is important to keep the house clean whenever and however possible, it is the responsibility of everyone at home. And, you should keep the house clean but should not be obsessed with it.

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