How to Get Rid of Dog Odor Naturally

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If you have a dog or more than one dog, have you ever had someone visit your home and complain that it smelled like your animal? This is common and I noticed on a Great Dane forum I’m part of that a few pet owners had this issue. Even though your home is clean your guests might notice this “dog” smell for a few different reasons. One being they’re not used to animal smells and two your home might be clean but the pet dander, hair and food bowls could leave an order that you’re simply accustom to.

  1. Bath your dog regularly. If possible have your dog groomed on a regular basis or give Fido a bath at home and don’t forget to clean his/her ears too! My dog’s ears give off a nasty smell if not cleaned frequently
  2. Wash dog bedding weekly. This is cumbersome if you’re dog sheds often because of the dog hair that remains in the washer and dryer but if you wash the bedding on a weekly basis there will be less hair verses if you wash the bedding monthly.  To clean your washing machine sprinkle baking soda into the drum and add vinegar into the rinse cycle.
  3. Vacuum and sweep on a daily or every other day basis. Doing this will help to eliminate the pet dander and hair that can sometimes add to the stinky odor.  Weekly sprinkle some baking soda onto the carpet and let it stand overnight or for an hour. Vacuum up the baking soda and your home will smell fresh.
  4. Wash the dog’s food and water bowl with hot soap and water often. I give mine a good scrub once a week and this helps significantly.
  5. If you have one room in your home that smells more than another try opening a box of baking soda and putting it behind the sofa or a photo frame out of sight. This will help to absorb any odor.

Beware of products that claim to eliminate pet odor or fancy smelling fragrance filled products; your dog might be sensitive to the chemicals that are actually just masking the odor!  If the weather permits the very best air freshener is fresh air, open the windows! If your dog is still being trained to use the bathroom outside and has had occasional accidents in the house read about using cornstarch to help eliminate the odor naturally.

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