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My family camps as much as possible. In fact, we’re having a little staycation this weekend to celebrate school ending at our local KOA! I can’t wait to tell you all about it! Usually, when we camp there isn’t a heated pool, cable and free WiFi! In fact, we didn’t even bring our favorite survival watch either, because we knew we were not going to get lost!

I guess we’re kind of “glamping” it this weekend! In fact, there are times when extra power is indeed needed or when we’re on our road trip all of the portable devices have died and we need our GPS! Have you ever had that happen to you?

Camping Power

Guess what, no need to have it ever happen again! Not with the Rayovac 2 hour power portable power family! If you don’t have your charger cord or an outlet nearby – no problem! This is perfect for anyone who regularly camps or travels like I do! I cannot even tell you how many times I’ve been traveling for work and stuck waiting in-line at an airport for an outlet to charge my phone. Ugh.

The Rayovac CR123A battery provides a 10 year shelf life so it’s also a must in your emergency preparation kit because we all know too well that storms and emergencies hit and when there is no power it sure is nice to be able to quickly charge your phone to call for help or listen to the radio for the weather updates.

Check out the Rayovac Portable Power Family and be prepared because you never know when you’ll be stranded or need to charge your phone or other portable device.

lights out - emergency power

Emergency Power

I don’t have a root cellar but I like to be prepared and I think my great grandma Gertrude rubbed off on me. I have an emergency kit in my basement with canned food, protein bars, a First Aid kit, etc. I think some of it might be expired so I might need to update the kit but at least I have one!

Part of being prepared, in my opinion, is having light when the power goes out. This has happened to us several times and a stubbed toe at 2am with crying children…not fun! Once we lost our power for 3 days and at the time we did not have a generator (now we do). This has taught me to be prepared and to make sure I have supplies to see my way through the pitch black house to help the kids, find a Band-Aid and not run into a wall. After all, that hurts!

My solution is a light kit and power kit.

flashlight in the dark

Where Should You Put Your Power Kit?

I have this kit fully stocked with everything I will need in the hallway closet. The closet is centered between our bedrooms and the living room so it is easy to get to when needed and everyone is aware of where it is placed.

If you place this stuff too far away, or not in a central location then it is harder to reach and find when the lights suddenly go out. Having it in the middle of the house means it is the shortest distance from anywhere, and close to the places we spend the most time.

After all, if the lights go out when you are sleeping, it’s not as big a deal, because you are asleep. But while you are cooking or watching TV? That can be a small problem!

Rayovac Emergency Power and Light Kit

What I Have In My Kit

With four members of the family, I have to take everyone’s needs into account when creating my emergency survival kit. I also have to think about general issues like power for phones and spare batteries in case one of the flashlights runs out mid-emergency.

With all of that in mind, my kit is stocked with the following items

I am have my great grandma to thank (and a few stubbed toes) for teaching me that it is always good to be prepared!  Hopefully we won’t lose power but if we do I’ll be able to see where I’m going in my house!

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