Tieks Ballet Flats for Comfort and Style

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Women love shoes. Women love to wear shoes that are stylish and comfortable. At least this woman does. I am notorious for packing shoes that will look great with my suit, dress or outfit when traveling and end up with blisters, sore legs and my feet up at the end of day. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve gone to my hotel room early just to put my feet up because they ache. I even pack those special Band-Aids that are made for blisters.

Sad but true.

And then I discovered Tieks.

A ballet shoe that is comfortable and stylish. They feel like I have slippers on my feet.

Tieks are made of fine Italian leather. Each pair is individually made so you’ll notice when you shop for them online that the style and size you desire might be sold out and you’ll have to be put on a waiting list. There’s no mass production of these shoes in sweat shops to make the cost lower.

Tieks are made to be very durable and foldable so you can easily pack them in your purse for a long night of dancing or when you decide to wear heels and your feet scream, “Tieks I need you!” How many times have your feet scream this after a wedding or a night out on the town? (Yup, me too so many I cannot even count.)

These fashionable shoes are a girl’s best friend and they even offer vegan options but the styles were sold out in my size and I couldn’t resist having a pair and waiting. So I’m on a list for when more come in stock so I can’t wait to try this style out.

Advice for Ordering Tieks

My new favorite ballet flat is indeed a little more expensive than some might like to spend but if I add up all of the shoes I’ve bought and that give me blisters, leave marks on my feet and that I end up giving away…I’m certain I could buy dozens of Tieks! My husband always says buy quality and you’ll save money. I once bought him a cheap belt from Kmart and it was ruined in less than one month. I bought him a genuine leather belt that same month and 11 years later he still wears it and it looks like new.

So what are you waiting for? If you travel, if you’re on your feet a lot or if you’re in need of the most comfortable pair of shoes you’ll ever wear then Tieks are for you. Oh shoot, they’re for everyone who am I kidding. They’d make the perfect bridal party shoe and with my sister getting married next April I’m thinking these would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T!

Before you order a pair of Tieks here are my two tips:

  • I advise you order one size up, even if you’re unsure. I did not and we’ll I wish I would have. My size 11’s fit me perfect but my sister who wears a size 10, they fit her even better! So yes, follow my advice and order one size up.
  • Do yourself another favor; buy two pairs if you can. Go with a fun color and design and then a more classic pair you can wear with anything. You’ll get one pair I promise you, you’ll want another pair!

For inspiration check out Tieks on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. I love their Instagram feed!!

Disclaimer:  I purchased both pairs of shoes at a discount. 

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