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Honest vs Hello Bello: A Detailed Comparison

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If you are looking for a diaper brand that focuses on both your baby and the environment, then comparing Hello Bello vs Honest is the way to go.

There are differences in their offerings of daytime diapers, diaper rash creams, and wipes, as well as their bundles and their subscriptions.

It is not simple to make a choice, depending on what you are specifically looking for:

  • flexibility
  • price
  • ingredients
  • sustainability

So, before you make the wrong decision in buying your baby diapers, let me show you what I have found.

Hello Bello Vs Honest: Comparison

Both Hello Bello and Honest make patterned diapers, not plain white diapers. That is the first thing you should know. Although, if you want a lot of diaper pattern variety, Honest has your back. Unless you go with the subscriptions, then Hello Bello has many options too.

But let’s dive a little deeper.

Hello Bello Diapers

Hello Bello Diaper

Hello Bello focuses on disposable diapers for babies with sensitive skin. And on top of that, they aim to make them affordable for everyone. Something that is not always the case with more premium brands like Andy Pandy with their organic bamboo diapers.

How does Hello Bello do this? They ensure their disposable diapers are chlorine-free for starters. But also free of fragrances, phthalates, parabens, latex, or artificial lotion.

And as crazy as it seems, the rest of the Hello Bello diapers are made from something called fluff pulp. This is a sustainable plant-based product. So you can rest easy there too.


Hello Bello Diaper Materials

Let’s dive into the materials more to see how focused Hello Bello is on being environmentally friendly.

For starters, the diaper’s absorbent core liner is plant-based and biodegradable. This is great for the modern parent who cares about what their child’s diaper is made of. They have also used a sustainably harvested fluff pulp for the rest of the diaper.

So, although these are not fully biodegradable diapers, it is undoubtedly a great start.

Hello Bello Diaper Comfort

Having sustainable materials does not mean you have to sacrifice your baby’s comfort when it comes to Hello Bello diapers either.

First, the Hello Bello diapers have a wetness indicator on younger baby diapers (sizes N-3) to help you know when to change that diaper.

The Hello Bello diaper liner is plant-based and has a super absorbent core that quickly locks away wetness. Hello Bello diapers also have comfy inner and outer super soft layers and fit well with stretchy sides.

Diaper Range

Hello Bello has a huge range of diapers for all ages and uses. These include:

  • N-6 sized Hello Bello daytime diapers
  • Also, nighttime diapers are designed to keep them dry longer
  • Training pants for older children
  • Swimming diapers for when you want a splash

Honest Diaper

Honest Diaper

Honest baby diapers give Hello Bello a run for their money on most fronts. So, let’s start with the materials.

Honest Diapers Materials

When you compare Hello Bello vs Honest diapers, things are pretty similar.

Honest Diaper ingredients also include:

  • fluff pulp for the absorbent core
  • a plant-based backsheet
  • no parabens, fragrances or latex

They are also sourcing their pulp from Scandinavian trees using chlorine-free processing. They aim to save the planet where possible, making their liner a little thinner, saving them 7000 trees a year.


Honest Diapers Comfort

Comfort is key for Honest Diapers and their website states the most important factors for them.

They have quick absorption channels to help tuck those liquids away fast. A Diaper Duty Wetness Indicator is on all sizes, N-6. An Honest diaper has a Quilted Bubble liner, which traps the liquids well, too.

They also have a belly button cutout for newborns and more stretchy sides for when they grow a little bigger.

Diaper Range

Honest diapers have a huge range as well, so here they are:

  • N-6 sized daytime diapers with lots of prints
  • Overnight diapers keeping them dry at night
  • Training pants for those weening off diapers

Hello Bello vs Honest Diaper Rash Cream

Of course, when you sell diapers, you also have to worry about diaper rashes. And every parent knows what a nightmare a screaming baby is. One where you just can’t get rid of that diaper rash.

Your baby’s skin is super sensitive, especially at the start. And having something on hand to deal with that is a must-have.

Hello Bello Diaper Rash Cream

Hello Bello Diaper Rash Cream

One of the things Hello Bello is famous for is their ingredients and their cream here is no different. Hello Bello Diaper Rash Cream is made from non-nano Zinc Oxide, which is excellent for rashes from the get-go. They have added sensitive skin-supporting ingredients into the mix, like coconut oil, tamanu, and sunflower oil, making a thick cream to help soothe that nasty rash on your baby’s sensitive skin.

Of course, Hello Bello cares about their products and customers too so they are made with plant-derived and organic ingredients, which are hypoallergenic and pediatrician-tested. They are also 10% Vegan and not tested on animals but they are good to go on your baby’s skin.


Honest Diaper Rash Cream

Honest Diaper Rash Cream

The Honest Company also has a cream for diaper rashes, which is a few bucks more expensive than the one from Hello Bello.

It also features Zinc in the cream to help relieve any discomfort your baby is experiencing. And like Hello Bello they have included great ingredients like organic shea butter, jojoba, tamanu, olive oil, and coconut oil, all to help soothe your baby’s sensitive skin.

Honest also highlights on its website that its diaper cream is free of parabens and harmful chemicals such as petrolatum, mineral oil, and lanolin. All are designed to reduce the risk of sensitive skin irritation.


Hello Bello vs Honest Baby Wipes

No diaper change for your baby is complete without baby wipes, that’s for sure. They are the go-to tool for cleaning up, keeping baby fresh, and getting ready for that new diaper or bed.

Of course, both Hello Bello and Honest company have baby wipes too, so let’s take a look.

In general, comparing Hello Bello vs Honest Wipes:

  • They both use plant-based materials with 99% water
  • Hello Bello adds Aloe & Chamomile extract
  • Honest wipes are a touch more expensive

Hello Bello Baby Wipes

Hello Bello Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are pretty simple when it comes down to it, you want a mildly damp cloth. But it also pays to use the best ingredients, which is what Hello Bello has tried to do here.

The Hello Bello baby wipes are

  • plant-based
  • 99% water

So, they are mild from the very beginning. But, to make things more practical for sensitive skin, they added a touch of chamomile extract and aloe.

You can grab them in packs of 60 or 180, depending on how many you want on hand, or if you want a more portable pack for when you are out and about.

Honest Baby Wipes

Honest Baby Wipes

Honest baby wipes are not to be ignored either and are quite similar. They are also

  • plant-based
  • 99% water
  • chemical free

They are also free of all those nasty chemicals and thick enough to be helpful in any situation. Unlike Hello Bello though, they don’t include a touch of aloe or chamomile, which may be a relief to some.

They also offer a vast range of wipe sizes, starting at 10, 36, 72, up to way bigger 288, 576, 648, and 720 counts. The 720 would be best so you never ran out.

Again, Honest baby wipes come in a little more expensive, so that is something to keep in mind.


Subscription Comparison

Because both companies use subscriptions often, it is worth checking out Hello Bello vs Honest directly.

Subscriptions are the way to go if you want to save money in the long run. However, I would recommend grabbing a little of everything (diapers, diaper rash cream, and baby wipes) to test them out before committing to a diaper subscription.

Hello Bello Vs Honest Subscriptions

I am not going to waste your time making a colossal comparison here because it depends on what you need as a parent.

One of the key differences is Hello Bello does bundle one-offs. While Honest does subscriptions

However, their diaper subscription offerings are generally very similar, like most things in this review. Hello Bello usually comes in quite a bit cheaper.

They both usually offer 15% off extras and give you a freebie now and again.

Hello Bello Vs Honest Companies

Both the Hello Bello brand and the Honest brand are all about sustainable and comfortable baby products. Hello Bello is more focused on price, but that does not mean they have skimped.

Hello Bello is far younger, started in 2019 by two famous actors – Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. They wanted to provide premium-quality diapers at affordable prices.

Honest Brand diapers have been around a lot longer but are still going strong; It was started by Jessica Alba with sustainable, green, and mindful objectives at the fore.

Both companies also use the diaper subscription model, which is of course, easy for the consumer and lucrative for the producer. But the aim for both companies, Hello Bello and Honest is to keep their customers happy.

Is Hello Bello or Honest Better?

Honestly (no pun intended there), there is little difference between the two companies. The devil is in the details though.

In general, Hello Bello is cheaper. And Honest focuses more on subscriptions.

For the rest, they are both great diaper brands with you and your baby at heart.

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