How to Keep Your Family Car Organized

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We’re a busy family on the go and the vehicle is always carting children, groceries and children from activity to activity. As a business vehicle too, I try very hard to make my Tesla Model 3 functional, organized and as clean as possible. This doesn’t mean I need a dozen expensive products to help me stay organized but here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years:

  1. The plastic grocery bag can be handy and reused over and over. I always have a bag full of them because you never know when a child will get sick; you’ll have some major spill or trash you’ll need to get rid of in a hurry. You can easily empty the plastic grocery bag into a larger garbage bag and reuse it over and over or recycle it.
  2. Paper towel! I always keep a role of paper towel handy because should there be a major accident or spill I want to have it taken care of immediately. This has saved me many, many times! Along this same vein, I keep wipes handy. Wipes I’ve either made myself or wipes I’ve purchased because if we’re eating on the road everyone needs to clean their hands! Plus, you never know when you’ll need to clean up something or wipe a sticky face.
  3. To keep the vehicle organized for long road trips and the children occupied I simply tie reusable bags to the back of each seat. The children can fill them with their books, toys, and goodies and everyone is happy. When it is time for something new or the bags are overflowing I untie them and the children empty them, add new toys and books and we’re good to go! I love this trick because the bags are tied tightly to the back of the seat to prevent them from becoming a projectile object!
  4. A handy reusable grocery market basket keeps my front seat organized. I fill this with all the little extras I am using and on the weekends when the entire family is using the vehicle or I have someone riding along with me, I can grab it and put it into the trunk or leave it at home. My front seat is cleaned in a jiffy!
  5. A bag fall of snacks! The kids are hungry when I pick them up from school or sometimes if I’m running errands and they’re with me they’ll ask for a snack. To stay healthy and save money I keep a reusable bag tied to the back of one seat and when the kids are hungry they have something good for them to keep them happy.
  6. Ready to play bag! In the winter I have a bag filled with extra winter gear from boots, mittens, and hats to hand warmers. Everything we might need should we go off the road or get wet from a day at the sledding hill. I like to be prepared! In the summer I keep a bag full of beach toys, sunscreen, beach towels, and Frisbees and bubbles. You never know when we’ll want to go to the beach or head to the park.

How to you keep your car organized? Make sure you check out these DIY cleaning recipes, they can easily be used to clean out your car when the dust has settled and the goop needs to be cleaned up!

6 thoughts on “How to Keep Your Family Car Organized”

  1. Momma On The Go

    Great idea. I have to admit that I’m kind of glad to hear that you have an ungreen SUV too. Everytime I walk to my car with my reusable shopping bags I feel like such a hypocrit for driving such a gas guzzler! Just waiting for an eco-friendly (affordable) vehicle that can fit my family and their gear!

  2. Green & Clean Mom

    Silly…don’t feel like a hypocrit! You’re doing something and that counts. Maybe someday you’ll drive a hybrid but for now you have what you have. Just keep doing your best because every little bit counts. Just because you’re going green doesn’t mean you have to do EVERYTHING. That’s why people don’t, they feel overwhelmed.

  3. I think it also needs to be said that the average person that has one child or more cannot afford a hybrid at this point. They are still newer cars and expensive! I’m a “green” mom and a drive a 10 plus year old SUV, not an exceptionally huge one or anything, but we do have very valid reasons for it (military family 2 adults, 2 kids, 5 pets that moves a lot) and it was what we could afford that fit our 7 babies and lifestyle.

    BUT, my husband does drive a scooter back and forth to work and I do plan on selling the SUV in the next couple years and getting an SUV once we can settle more in my husbands military career. So we do have future plans of greening up our transportation.

  4. Saniel Underwood

    only thing with keeping sunscreen lotion in the car it makes it not last as long!!

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