How to Preserve Fruits and Vegetables

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Sick of purchasing fruits and vegetables that  end up composted a few days later? I love my fruits and veggies but I hate the waste and cost. We all want to save money and minimize waste, right? Well I have been lucky enough to review two products that claim to do just that.

So what makes the food spoil and how can we extend the life of our food and the value of our dollar? When you buy fruits and vegetables and store them in your refrigerator ethylene gas builds up, and because fruits and vegetables are still living, they begin to quickly ripen. I tested the BluApple, which helps absorb the ethylene gas and Clearly Fresh Bags, which naturally creates its own ideal atmosphere for natural storage life extension by allowing just the right amount of oxygen in, and more carbon dioxide out. Two different products with the same goal, to produce longer lasting fruits and vegetable and reduce waste.

Pros and Cons of the BluApple:


  • The BluApple is a cute product that is not an eye sore when left in the produce drawer or fruit bowl.
  • They offer a money back guarantee on their product
  • You only have to refill the ethylene gas absorption papers approximately once every three months. This allows you to continue to use the BluApple and not have to throw it into the landfill.
  • My fruit and produce lasted longer with the exception of the bananas
  • The cost for a two pack BluApple and one year supply of refills is only $19.90
  • The BluApple is a food grade polypropolene plastic that is BPA free.


  • The bananas didn’t fair well with BluApple. I contacted them and was informed that the best remedy is to put the bananas in a paper bag with the BluApple. To me this was an extra step and more waste that I was not expecting.

Pros and Cons of Clearly Fresh® bags


  • My fruits and vegetable stayed fresher longer, including my banana’s.
  • You can purchase 10 one gallon bags for $3.99
  • The bags are recyclable if you cut out the BreatheWay membrane.
  • The bags can be reused which eliminates waste.


  • The bags aren’t appealing to the eye, they look like a ziplock bag.
  • The pros defiantly out way the cons. I would suggest checking out both products and seeing which one meets the needs and wants of your family. Saving money and reducing waste is always a benefit. I enjoyed each product and hope you do to.

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