How to roast the perfect batch of pumpkin seeds! #pumpkin #howto #fall #recipes

How to Roast Pumpkin Seeds

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Roasted pumpkin seeds are mouthwatering. Really, they are amazing but they have to be cooked just right. Who wants to eat gooey pumpkin seeds or ones that are over cooked and a little black? Not this girl!

My son How to roast the perfect batch of pumpkin seeds! #pumpkin #howto #fall #recipeslooks forward to pumpkin carving each year…just for the pumpkin seeds. It’s the one thing I dislike the most because I have the job of scooping and cleaning. The gunk does not come off easily and every trick I’ve tried just does not work. Feel free to post your tips here for removing the guts off the seeds and I’m happy to give it a whirl…next year. For now I’m done cleaning seeds!

Yes, I did my share of scooping, cleaning and seed roasting last night. Today, I’m eating the seeds and sharing with YOU my trick for roasting the most delicious seeds EVER!

1.  After you’ve scooped and cleaned the guts off your seeds (as best as you can) let the soak in cold water for 10 minutes. I don’t actually track the time I just guess…sorta like I eyeball hanging up pictures and wall art.

Roasting pumpkin seed that are delicious! #fall #pumpkin #recipes #autumn2.  Then boil the seeds for 10 minutes-ish in salty water. VERY salty water and I’m talking like pour the salt container in the water and call it a success. There are no exact measurements here but when I say salty I’m not talking about water you could gargle. Catch my drift?

3.  Pour your seeds into a strainer and don’t dry them or shake the salt away but instead pour extra virgin olive oil all over the seeds and stir. Then pour more oil on the seeds and stir again. Don’t ask me how much just pour and pretend you’re on a cooking show and your living it up in front of the camera!

4.  Put your seeds onto a cookie sheet (no greasing needed, obviously) and spread them as flat as possible. You want to avoid have clumps on top of each other. Sprinkle generous amounts of salt over the seeds. GENEROUS amounts! We love our sodium. I never promised this was a healthy recipe but they’ll taste good.

Roasting pumpkin seed that are delicious! #fall #pumpkin #recipes #autumn

5.  Bake the seeds at 375 degrees for 10-15 minutes. Again, this isn’t an exact science. You’ll need to monitor the seeds closely, depending on your oven. At the 10 minute mark I’m hovering over the oven checking them continually. I look for them to be golden brown and I risk my tongue and try a few. Perfection is a sacrifice people.

Let cool and ENJOY!

Do you have a pumpkin seed recipe to share??

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