Hanging Pictures with Toothpaste

How to use Toothpaste to Hang Pictures Easily

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I suck at hanging up pictures. I’m the eye ball it type of gal. Put the nail in and oops, it really isn’t very level. The problem is I can’t always wait for my husband to come home and hang up a new painting or frame I’ve purchased. Besides, if I ask him…he’ll know I bought something new and roll his eyes at that. Though he’s very supportive and doesn’t complain about my home decorating and flea market finds too much. If I just hang the new find, he never notices or at least doesn’t tell me he does. This is why I NEED to hang the item on my own and figure out how to make it look good without putting unnecessary holes in the wall – which

I’m notorious for doing.

The trick is toothpaste. Yes my friends, toothpaste for hanging wall art easily.

Steps For Aligning Pictures for Nailing

Now, some of you might have figured out this trick or learned it from somewhere but for me it is new. I’m slow to learn I guess? If this is new for you let me share with you the little trick and you can thank me later or better yet, pin this post. Hint. Hint.

How to use Toothpaste to Hang Pictures Easily #DIY #Lifehacks #tips #tricks1.  Use white toothpaste and put it on the back of your wall art or picture frame… exactly where the nail needs to go.

How to use Toothpaste to Hang Pictures Easily #DIY #Lifehacks #tips #tricks

2.  Use your eyeball measuring to figure out where you want your new frame or flea market find to hang. I vote for ditching the level and tape measure. Trust your instincts and if it’s a bit off tell whoever came to your home with their level to leave. Just go easy on the toothpaste or it will drip. You see I was a bit excited!

How to use Toothpaste to Hang Pictures Easily #DIY #Lifehacks #tips #tricks

3.  Take your now toothpaste dotted wall art and gently place it onto the wall so the toothpaste can make contact with the wall. Gentle is the key because you don’t want to scratch your wall. The idea is to make a dot or dots exactly where the nail hole needs to go.

Bam! Your dots are now where you need to pound the nail. Grab your hammer and go to town baby! After your nail(s) are in place you can clean the toothpaste off the wall and your art (unless you prefer the minty smell) and hang your picture!

That’s it. No level. No special tools. Nothing but your hammer, toothpaste, nails and your eyeball super powers.

So get hanging girlfriend!

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