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Natural odor eaters or air fresheners can be hard to come by or expensive. Having a stinky Great Dane, two children who come home from day camp dirty as can be a husband who works hard – there is dirt and well smelly stuff. I like to make the air fresh and clean smelling whenever possible, especially in small spaces and of course windows open, baking soda and fresh flower are my go-to resources. Regardless I love fresh soothing smells like lavender and when I came upon the Tasty Kitchen recipe for homemade air fresheners, I had to give it try it and tell you all about it with my own tips, advise and adaptations!


  • Essential oil scents- choose ones you desire the most { I like lavender and lemon grass the best}
  • 1 tablespoon of salt to help prevent the growth of mold
  • Used mason jars, glass containers or cheap containers from resale shops or whole sale shops, I bought mine for $.49 each at Wal-Mart.
  • 4 packets of Knox Gelatin
  • 2 cups of water


  • Bring one cup of water to a boil – this does happen very quickly so be advised to not have water evaporate.
  • As water boils add 4 packages of Knox Gelatin and whisk very, very rapidly or else you will have large clumps and do so until smooth and if there are clumps spoons out of the pot.
  • Pour this liquid into jar, containers or desired bowls and add 15-30 drops of essential oil drops that you desire for the scent and stir. I recommend a fork for stirring.

Let these “containers” cool and then place in desired rooms for natural air fresheners. My tip is to ask others to smell the fresheners and you slowly place drops of the essential oils, this helps avoid strong smelling scents. My daughter was a little to generous with the essential oil so beware if you are letting your children help you!

This also makes a great gift idea and can easily incorporate your children and their preferences.

Total Cost Spent on Supplies:                                              $10.94

Lavender essential oil {plenty for the next round}:         $5.99 for 10 ounces

4 glass jars:                                                                               $1.96

Salt {plenty for the next round}:                                           $.94

Knox Gelatin:                                                                           $3.04

I have enough salt and essential oils for another 2-5 or more batches! Bonus! Each natural air freshener only cost me a maximum of $2.73 – which is actually pretty good considering it is natural and took me 5-10 minutes total. Using reused containers, the cost is much lower!

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  1. Great, and informative post! This is a great way to save money, and do a fun project. All of us here at our team, are ready to try this when we get home!

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