Marie Veronique Organics Kid Safe Sunscreen Review

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Growing up, we did not wear sunscreen. We did not sit in car seats or wear seat belts and it was common to litter. It’s a wonder we are alive. Now we know better. We wear sunscreen because otherwise we burn and not only will this hurt it is bad for our skin and increases our likelihood for skin cancer. Thankfully we buckle up and children are in car seats and littering – are you crazy?

We are wiser. As a parent I don’t throw my hand out to serve as the safety belt when I slam on my breaks and I do my best to choose a safe sunscreen for my children. By safe I do not mean a sunscreen that just protects my children from the UVA/UVB rays but a sunscreen with safe ingredients for their skin.

Lately, my family has been using Marie Veronique Organics with “intelligent ingredients” – the Kid Safe Sunscreen with SPF 25.  Over the last few weeks we’ve been testing the product out to see if we like how it absorbs into the skin, if it prevents burns and how it does at the beach and pool. Here are a few things I like about the product:

♥It is safe and gentle to use on the face.

♥There is no white film so my children do not look like ghosts!

♥The pump easily allows me to apply the sunscreen and it quickly absorbs.

♥The children love how it smells.

♥There are no harmful chemicals like parabens, petroleum products, fillers, waxes or fragrances and it is 100% vegan.

The Marie Veronique Organics skin care line was recognized by the Environmental Working Group as one of the safest on the market and though this pleases me and I like the Kid Safe Sunscreen I urge all consumers to do their own research. This year the EWG has changed how they are rating sunscreen and you can get the low down via SafeMama. She also has a sun screen guide to help you choose safe sunscreens and Marie Veronique Organics Kid Safe Sunscreen makes the list! Thumbs up by my standards, I’ve been very pleased!

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  1. With such a small bottle, are you going through it quickly? I would love to use this product, but with 4 kids I think I will go broke.

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