Food Prep BPA Free Style: Ninja Master Prep Review

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The benefit of blogging, sometimes I get to try some great stuff and share items with others to try, experience and give their feed back on. When I attended a Euro Pro event in New York City I was fortunate enough to a) mingle with some great people b) meet Robin Miller c) have the opportunity to experience some Euro Pro products when I arrived home from the trip. The Ninja, happened to be one of these products and it was the one thing I knew the “cook” of our family would enjoy playing with; my brother-in-law Jim. Here’s what he had to say about his chopping experience:

l would have to say that Ninja Master Prep, from Euro-Pro, is  definitely an appropriate name for the chopper/blender I used. I know Ninja’s are supposed to be fast, efficient and well chop chop chop and this new blender was definitely that. My wife loves smoothies so while I was cooking dinner she was making a smoothie. She was amazed that she didn’t have to put ice in her concoction and that there weren’t chunks of fruit still floating around.

I decided to try it out myself and make some home made salsa. Unfortunately, I underestimated the ability of the Ninja; my salsa came out more like soup. The flavor was great but the Ninja Master Prep chopped it up too well. I then decided to up the ante and make some spinach artichoke dip. Well, I guess I did that wrong because I over filled the larger Ninja container and it wouldn’t chop it up.

While I believe that Ninja works and works well it just takes some tinkering with to figure out. You have to make sure you chose the right blade and the right amount of chop chops so you don’t turn your salsa in to soup. I would also suggest to Euro-Pro that they consider a bigger container for large quantity recipes. Hope everyone has fun chop chopping.

P.S. The Ninja Master Prep has a Life-Time Guarantee, it is endorsed by non other than Robin Miller and it is BPA FREE, according to the company. Oh and it is super affordable!

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