When my children like something they tend to tell each other to not touch it, they hide it or even ask mom or dad to “save it”, as though we are the great protectors of all things precious. This sandwich is kind of like that – it is one of those things that that your children might become protective of or eat up quickly because mom or dad might devour it!

What You Need:

-2 frozen whole wheat organic waffles or homemade (we freeze ours)
-2 TBSP ranch dressing
-2 tomato slices
-4 cucumber slices
-Shredded carrots

How to Make It:

-Toast the waffles according to package directions.
-Spread each waffle with 1 TBSP ranch dressing.
-Layer the tomatoes and cucumbers onto one waffle.
-Top with the shredded carrots.
-Place the remaining waffle on top.

Any type of dressing will work with these fun sandwiches.  Try different vegetables to find just the right taste for your children.  Cut them into 2 triangles and watch them gobble them down and ask for more. As always we aim to buy local, farm fresh or organic when possible and wash our veggies before eating them.

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