My children have always enjoyed bath time. When they were little I used to look forward to sitting down next to the tub and reading a magazine while they played. Now they’re older and they can shower by themselves and even though I’m proud of their independence and grateful that I don’t have to sit and wash them, I miss this time too. It is one of those bitter sweet moments.

As they’ve grown older and more independent their preferences for shampoo’s and soaps have started to develop. They each like different scents or have an opinion on which bottle is easiest to squirt or pour soap from. It is funny to this hear their requests and think back to the days when a choice wasn’t an option. I am still the mom so naturally I choose safe products or safer than they might choose, this isn’t always easy though unless the local stores stock the products or I order them in bulk.

Luckily, I can rely on my friends at ecoStore USA to provide me with safer options, lots of sales and deals to regularly bring down the price and make stocking up easy to do.  In fact, my daughter has a preference a strong one at that – she likes their pear shampoo and conditioner.  A safe choice for me thanks to it being sulfate free, parable free, 1, 4 dioxane free and with no artificial dyes or fragrances.  A relief but when she requests it, I have an easy choice and no argument! Thanks ecoStore USA for sending us samples, we are in love!

Here is what I like, besides the fact that I’m not worried about harsh chemicals:

  • All of their scents are nice and fresh but not fake or strong.
  • Washes out nicely and the conditioner doesn’t leave a film or make your hair slimy – it works.
  • There aren’t any suds so at first if you like lather and soapy bubbles you’ll have to adjust but it is indeed cleaning your hair.
  • I trust the company.
  • The product is affordable and they ship quickly, plus it is made in Michigan!

Check out all of their scents and you never know, your child might request their shampoos and conditioners like mine do! Mine even lays out her ecoStore USA tank top as a pledge to her shampoo and conditioner loyalty – a true fan!

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