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Petoskey Stone Gifts

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The Petoskey Stone is Michigan’s official state stone and a stone you’ll only find in Michigan. The rock is actually a piece of fossilized coral from over 350 million years ago!

You might have heard of this stone because of the notorious photo of President Obama, holding a Petoskey Stone while on the phone, at least that is the reason most people know it. . I actually grew up looking for this gorgeous rock along the banks of Lake Michigan, in Petoskey. If you want to learn more about the Petoskey Stone and why it’s found in Petoskey and the surrounding Traverse Bay Area visit Grandpa Shorter’s blog, Jennifer Shorter does a great job explaining the history of this fascinating and gorgeous stone.

A Great Souvenir Or Gift

If you’re from Michigan or you’ve visited Michigan, the Petoskey Stone makes a great keepsake. They also make wonderful gifts and can be made into clocks, jewelry and so much more. These stones have been used in so many creative ways I can’t list them all here.

So, to give you some ideas, here are a few of my favorite Petoskey Stone gifts, all under $100. These are great for anyone that loves Michigan or attractive stones in general.

Petoskey Stone Gift Ideas #Michigan #Petoskey #Gifts 1

Affordable Gift Options

Michigan Petoskey Stone and Blue Topaz Pendant- December Birthstone- Michigan Made- State Stone- Fossil- Metal Art Petoskey Necklace

1. Petoskey Stone ornament

One of the most popular and beautiful ways to wear a Petosky stone is as an ornament. Hung on a simple chain with the rock taking all the attention, it screams “look at me”. And for such a stunning example of the stone, you can hardly go wrong.

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2. Michigan State & Petosky Ornament

Something a little more affordable and for fans of Michigan is this combination state shape and stone pendant. This is more the kind of souvenir you get when you head to the Petosky region of Michigan so it’s great to be able to get this online too.

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Petoskey stone fossil and Michigan shape earrings with 6 mm fossils bead nickel hook, your choice jewelry drop

3. Michigan Petosky Earrings

Another very Michigan souvenir you can wear are these Petosky earrings with state shaped metal adornments.  They take a day or two to make, so you know you are getting real, handmade quality.

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4. Mixed Fossil Bracelet (Petosky, Epidote and Favosite )

Why not mix it up a bit with a mixed fossil bracelet with a variety of stones and colors. This bracelet includes Petosky, Epidote and Favosite stones.

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5. Petosky Wine Stopper

If you love Petosky and wine then why not combine the two? This fun wine stopper has all the cool look of Petosky and helps keep your wine fresh for another day. After all, how often do you only drink half a bottle and the rest the next day?

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These are just a few of my favorite Petoskey Stone gifts but if you head somewhere like Amazon there are several other great Petoskey Stone gift ideas, you’re sure to find something you love. And don’t be fooled by just any online shop saying they sell Petoskey Stones because there are fake ones out there. So, be careful when you shop.

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