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Plan a Northern Michigan Girlfriend Getaway

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Taking a girls weekend, it’s something every woman needs to do.  Call up your friends or sisters and make a date. A date to disconnect from the piles of laundry, dusty baseboards, dirty floors, smudged walls and stacks of dishes because it’s all overwhelming when you’re not rested. In addition, women need more sleep than men anyhow so consider a girls weekend a mission for improving your health. They say laughter is the best medicine (wine too) so pair that with some uninterrupted sleep, you are doing yourself a favor.

After being a little short tempered over silly things like someone not putting their shoes away and then a child leaving a back pack in my walking path (where I of course tripped and almost died), I knew it was time for some R&R. A girlfriend weekend was in order and stat because this mama needed some rejuvenation. No more snapping over silly things if I am mentally rested so to the Internet I went searching for local getaway ideas.

To my surprise, I have an oasis just miles away from my home that I did not really even recognize, one that I have driven by time-and-time again, the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa. After spending the weekend there, I can personally tell you, that whether you live near or far, this is a destination worth visiting. I’m just lucky to live close and now that I’ve discovered this gem, I’ll be going back and here is why.

Taking a Girls Weekend at Grand Traverse Spa and Resort

  • Everyone is so darn nice. It’s true, the bell man was all smiles and told us he’d watch out for our wine tour bus and personally make sure they waited for us. It was spring break and there were children everywhere but that never frazzled the staff. At check-in, there was not a line because there were many staff members at the front desk ready to help guests. When I went to Chicago with my kids, the line was super long at check in-and-out because there were not nearly enough staff members. So kudos to Grand Traverse Resort & Spa for being well staffed and prepared, it makes for happy guests and staff!

Grand Traverse Resort and Spa Room Review

  • Spacious and Luxurious Rooms. Nothing tiny about the room we were in and it was very clean. A huge bathroom shower, which could easily have hosted it’s own party. Beds that were pillow top soft, so soft that when my party animal head hit the pillow at 9pm on Saturday, I was supposedly snoring. (I don’t snore.) Oh and a bathroom mirror with back lighting that I had to snap a picture of because I someday want this for my home.

Where to stay and shop for a girls getaway in Michigan

  • Shopping and Dining On-Site.  If you don’t want to leave, you don’t have to. You can park (free) and just stay the weekend at the resort. There were adorable shops, a variety of different dining options, plus a coffee shop. If you desire a change of pace, you can take the free shuttle to the Turtle Creek Casino. Add the huge pool, fitness facility and outdoor hot tub and there’s no need to get in your car and leave again. We did but now I am wondering why because everything was right there on-site for us to enjoy.

Grand Traverse Resort and Spa a Green Hotel

  • They Give a Green. I like when a hotel cares about the environment and the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa does their part to reduce water usage, save energy and encourage their patrons to recycle, they have even won awards for their efforts to go green.  Remember, there are many things we as travelers can do to green our hotel stay but choosing a hotel that is doing their part is a great start!

Grand Traverse Spa Review

  • To Die for Spa Services. I’m a little bit of a spa nut. If I won the lotto, I’d spend money visiting spas. I might even buy one. When I learned of a spa nearby that I had not tried, well I had to try it and WOW. We had three different massage services along with pedicures and it was the PERFECT ending to a great weekend. If you’re considering the spa services, let me recommend any of these three massages that we experienced.

The Cherry Infused Massage – More of a light touch but relaxing massage. If you’re looking for something therapeutic, this isn’t the massage for you. The cherry oil smelled so good, my sister told me I smelled like a cherry pie! Which is probably the point seeing that I was in the Cherry Capital of the World. I am not sure what benefits cherry oil has but it felt great and I know cherries have many health benefits.

Heat/Cool Therapeutic Massage – This is what you want if you’re looking for a medium to deep touch that hurts but in a good way. The use of arnica, hot stones and massage is perfect for an achy body. I should note, my sister is not a massage fan and when she was done with her massage, she wanted another one, it was THAT good. I think she is converted.

Customized Aromatherapy Massage – For an oily fan out there, this is the massage for you. You get to create your own oil blend at the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa, aromatherapy bar. The massage featured a special foot massage and neck-unwinding treatment that both sisters tried to describe to me but apparently, you have to experience it, it is that amazing!

I’m not sure you can go wrong with a single spa treatment but whatever you choose, choose a pedicure to top of your treatment. They do a fabulous job and their massage chair is the best massage chair my booty has ever sat in. EVER! When they said I could stay and relax after my pedicure, I almost fell asleep in the massage chair. It was that amazing.

Grand Traverse Resort and Spa for a perfect girls weekend.

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway with the girls, I’m telling you, the Grand Traverse Resort & Spa is worth booking. You will thank me later, I promise. And if you have to take your husband and the kid’s, there’s plenty for them to do while you’re tucked away in the spa. In fact, we’re planning another weekend to the resort with the children because not only is it a great getaway for a girlfriends, it’s a great place to visit with the family or as a romantic escape.

Disclaimer:  I received a discounted room rate and some complimentary spa services with no obligation to review or share my experience. My opinions are my own. I will be going back to this resort I liked it that much.

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