Safe, non-toxic, green alternatives for getting rid of those pesky bugs!!

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Bugs, when I taught preschool this was my favorite topic and time of year. The children were always so excited to learn about the creepy crawlies. There were so many math, art and science lessons to choose from…I just love it! In reality, I’m not a bug person. I don’t like bugs crawling on me, flying in my face, threatening to sting me, wanting my food or biting me and giving me the itches. You’d think I lived in the city rather than amongst acres and acres of woods and fresh water. Cut it, slice it, dice it or toss it any way you’d like but this Green and Clean mom just doesn’t like bugs. Except I understand they’re necessary, they exist and I just have to deal with them because they have their part in the circle of life. I also believe that sometimes it’s necessary to get rid of them and protect myself from them.How does one do this without harmful chemicals? Yeah, well when I was not so green my family spent lots o’ moulah on the harmful toxic stuff. I didn’t know better but just like the toxic cleaners I used to use, I had a bad feeling about them. I’ve had a springtail problem for three years at my home and last year I was very ill because of the pesticides. We spent thousands of green ones and we still have the little suckers. It was gross! They were in my BED! This sent me on a hunt to find someone to help me and a product that would work and not make me sick, my children sick and hurt the environment. I honestly thought I was asking too much and would have to move out but I discovered a book, a man and a product(s)! It has been like winning the lotto for me because they bugs are GONE! I’m not sick and I can actually say, personally, the stuff works. That is why I am finally offering to you, a safe alternative to help your family get rid of the bugs that are driving you up the wall. I was going to wait until my new site was up and running (working on the move still, fear not) but I just can’t. If you need a non-toxic bug repellent, safe lice control or non-toxic bug spray you can have it and not be poisoned! If only you could see me dancing!!! Healthy Child Healthy World, address pesticides in their new book and the five step, Blue Butterfly Program and this is because pesticides are great big green no-no! I’ve spent hours and hours (years really), tried many products, spoken to tons of professionals and finally have something to rely on that works and is safe. You see, not all products that say non-toxic are non-toxic. If they’re registered with the EPA they do have some type of “toxic” ingredient. Green & Clean Mom can now offer you (with more to come) a safe non-toxic alternative for getting rid of those pests!

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