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Sippy cup! Sippy cup! Oh, where is my sippy cup!?! Taking all of my daughters “usual” sippy cups away (bad plastic—evil BPA) and replacing them with this sampler pack of cups that I purchased and some great free ones, per request for this review, left her a little confused. It was for her own good though. Seeing that she could not actually tell me about the different cups my four year old son and I filled each of the sippy cups with water and tried all of them. Then we shook them silly to see which ones leaked water (that was the part they enjoyed the most). Over the last few weeks I’ve washed them, watched the kids drink from them and sometimes would offer two and see which one my daughter would grab. I wanted to give the cups a real test!

Best BPA Sippy Cups

For each review you will see the cup description and company as well as a picture of the cup. All of these cups can be purchased at varies places, including the companies direct websites but I’m going to recommend, the Green & Clean Mom Store. The reason being, I hope you pick up some other BPA free items along the way! The cups were rated from 1-5 with 1 being okay and 5 being super! Under each of the ratings I have good and bad points that I discovered through the review. The cups were scored based on leaking, how easy she accepted the cup, her preference, cleaning, parts and cost. All of them are considered safe and non-toxic so no need to rate that! Phew!!! Oh, and this is just my opinion and findings, you might have a different experience but here it goes…

One 7oz Foogo Stainless Steel Sippy with leak-proof valve

Good Points: Sleek and stylish, clean nicely in the dishwasher, easy to drink from, did not leak when we shook it, keeps milk cold for up to six hours and it seemed very easy for her to hold. She gravitated towards this cup many times.
Bad Points: Hard as a rock if it lands on your foot and she dropped it on my toe a few times! Ouch! A few parts to take a part for the dishwasher and if you don’t put them back together correctly it leaks. My bad not the cup!

*Costs a little bit more but it keeps the drinks colder and safer and the price for the straw bottle and the 9oz are the same price at the Soft Landing!

Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup

A favorite amongst Moms, this sippy comes in two forms, either with or without holding arms. So, you can choose the version depending on how developed your child is with holding objects. Help them out, or make them feel grown up, you choose!

Munchkin® Miracle® 360 Toddler Sippy Cup, Spill Proof, 10 Ounce, 2 Pack, Green/Blue

Foogo Stainless Steel Leak Proof Straw Drink Bottle

Good Points: Again, sleek and stylish, cleaned very nice in the dishwasher and both my son and my daughter insisted on drinking out this. My son loved how the straw comes up when he pushed the button. He wanted to take it to school. Keeps things cold for up to 12 hours!!!
Bad Points: They both wanted it and I only had one! A few parts for the dishwasher but it was easy to assemble.

One 9oz Think Baby Training Cup with soft silicone spout and chunky handles

Good points: Easy to assemble after putting it through the dishwasher. The handles are a nice bonus but are optional. Probably best for a child new to sippy cups.
Bad points: Leaked when we shook it and she did not prefer to drink out of this cup. It had more of a bottle feel to it. For one cup that didn’t offer anything special I thought the cost of almost $9 was a little high.Test Cup D:

One 9oz Fluid Sippy Cup by Boon with ergonomic grip

Good Points: Unique and easy to assemble! Easy to hold once she got used to it. Came clean easily in the dishwasher and this was her preference every time because she didn’t need to tip it very much. Oh, and it’s very inexpensive ($6) and soft when it lands on your toes.
Bad points: I couldn’t find any that’s why it scored a five!!!Test Cup E:

One 10oz Nuby Sport Sipper with silicone straw spout

Good Points: This is cup is cheap ($4) and I can find it locally. It was easy to clean and both my son and daughter can use the cup.
Bad Points: It leaked like crazy and she did not seem to prefer it.Test Cup F:

9-oz. Born drinking cup, spout, and travel cover

Good Points: This cup would not leak no matter how hard I shook the thing!!! There wasn’t any access air when sipping from it and she seemed to like it just fine when it was offered to her. The handles being optional was a nice feature and the lid for on the go. A cup for the child in transition for sure! Easy to find locally and sold in sets.
Bad Points: Way too many parts for me to lose. It drove me nuts taking it a part and putting it together.See my more recent BPA Free Reviews….

Safe Sippy

The Safe Sippy really has a sleek, slim and nice design. I love it, actually. It’s lightweight and very easy to fit in my small diaper bag. I use it daily, just outside.  If it didn’t leak, I might give it a Green & Clean Mom approval but unless I try the new valve and can tell you it doesn’t leak like crazy, I just can’t recommend you spend your money on this. You’ll be mopping the floor like crazy if you do.  I love the companies mission statement and what they’re doing but it has to not leak for me to say, buy this BPA free cup.

Munckin BPA FREE

47 thoughts on “Worthwhile BPA FREE, Non-Toxic Sippy Cups”

  1. lamamanaturale

    Hello there,
    We are currently using the Foogo’s, Safe Sippy and Born! The Foogo straw and safe sippy are my son’s favorite with organic carrot juice in them! 🙂 If you get a chance, stop by my site as I too am hosting an Earth Day giveaway!! Thx.!!

  2. Momma On The Go

    My daughter went straight from the bottle to the Nuby Sport Sipper. It seemed like kind of a cross between a bottle and sippy cup which seemed to calm her just before naptime and bedtime. It took us awhile to wean her off it. We also had problems with it leaking and it would take a couple of tries to get the lid on perfectly. Make sure the notches on the nipple type piece are matched up with the ring. That seemed to help us.

  3. We currently use the playtex sippy cup, but I am in the process of upgrading to “greener” options. We also have a Sigg bottle for each child, but they are not leak proof. My kids love to drink apple juice out of their sippy cups. I will post a link back to your giveaway on my blog. Thanks!!!

  4. We just started solids and are introducing water in a cup. We have a sippy from La Cie – and although adorable, is not safe. We need a bpa free sippy !
    mrmanor at gmail dot com

  5. We received two born free sippy cups as gifts, and they are great for my son to chew on, but at 9 months he has yet to figure out how to tip them up enough to actually get a drink. So, the Boon sounds like the sippy cup for us! Even if we don’t win, I may have to invest in one in the near future! Thanks for the great reviews — you were very detailed!

  6. My daughter uses the Avent Naturally “Magic” sippy cup. I hadn’t thought about the sippy cup, so I was inspired to do some research by this post. It seems to be BPA free – so that’s good. SHe drinks gallons of organic apple juice, and prefers the Knudsen brand that comes in those cool glass gallon bottles.

  7. allisonbarton

    We have a few Playtex sippy cups, but the two times I have given them to my son (7 months old) he hasn’t actually “sipped” from them! I would love to get “greener” cups, and before he really uses them I plan on going to Babies R Us and trying out some new ones.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love the looks of both of them, super cute!

    eternally at gmail dot com

  8. we have been using the playtex and the nuby ( 10 mon old loves the one with teething bumps on the spout) but are looking for other options. all of this plastic stuff is making me nuts! it is so hard to figure out what to use! thanks for your research results….hope we win but if not we might have to try the boon cup (just looks so cool!)
    sueesha at hotmail dot com

  9. Now that’s some GOOD hands-on sippy cup review. Removes all the doubts and returns. Count me in for this wonderful giveaway.

    We have ordinary run-of-the-mill sippy cups and my kid will drink anything liquid out of them. The featured ones made me drool, I can tell you that! 🙂

    I’ll also be blogging it later tonight. I’m having giveaways on both my blogs. Hope you’ll drop by and encourage your readers to do so as well!

    callmeabookworm at gmail dot com
    From the Contests/Reviews blog

    A Bookworm’s Diary

  10. My son uses a Nuby Sport Sipper. He actually did have some bpa-contaminated sippy cups that I had to toss. He likes to drink white grape juice, or milk with strawberry syrup in it. He asks for “pink milk”.
    onlycancan at hotmail dot com

  11. Hello! We have used only run of the mill sippy cups. We would love to try any of these! Please enter us in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  12. we have gerber and one loves water and the princess loves juice (current faves are apple, white cran or grapefruit)

  13. My 8-month-old son loves the Born Free Sippy. The handles make it easier for him to handle and when he gets tired of sipping, the handles are great for chewing on.

  14. i am currently on a research hunt to find the perfect safe cup for my kids.
    we use the playtex and my girls love to drink WATER. Which I love, they are not juice hounds.

    see my most recent post at http://mommyvents.blogspot.com, it is all about finding a cup.

    I will be sure to linky to you and subscribe !!! I want to win !!!

  15. I love the thermos! It’s truly wonderful. I did blog about teh contest although I am sure your karma is great 😉

  16. My kids like the Gerber sippy’s with the angled neck. They also like the Dora tall sippy’s that come with a straw (I think the brand is Munchkins??)

    I would love to have BPA free sippy for my kiddos. Fingers crossed that I win!

    email: lunanik.secrets@gmail.com

  17. wow lot of cool sippy cups i give all most any thing for one right now all i have is a old sippy cup that well came from a rummage sale and well it just would benice to have a brand new one thanks jenny9675309@yahoo.com

  18. Hi there. We are currently using the Gerber fun grip color changing sippy cups. Is that bad? I am totally paranoid now. I never changed because my son is so fussy. I hope I get a chance to try a new cup. Thanks!

  19. Wow, I feel like such a bad mom. I just use the Gerber ones that were at Target that I saw other friends using (with slightly older children) that that swore didn’t leak. I didn’t even think about the plastic type. Apparently I need to rethink what I’m doing with her…

    Ok and what I’m doing in general as I drink out of a reusable plastic mug constantly myself.

    Great reviews, thanks — I have a feeling I know what I’ll be posting about tomorrow!

  20. We currently are using Nuby sippy cups…and my son love either apple juice or goats milk. 🙂

  21. I would love to try these! We currently use the born free training cups and some various nuby sippies/straw cups. I really don’t care for the born free cups to be honest! They’re expensive and my kids chew the nipple-like parts and destroy them. The nuby straw cups are actually pretty good, though a pain to drink out of because they have to more or less bite down on the straw while sipping.

    My kids like to drink water, soy milk and vruit!

  22. My Daughter will drink out of anything! Since Day one she has been a drinking fool. I have an asortment of sippies including the Nuby Sport Sipper and Playtex Brand sippies.
    Her favorite drink Milk!

  23. We use the Nuby sippy cups…and they LEAK! I’ve got to figure something else out. We put anything and everything in them: juice, milk, chocolate milk, water, etc.

  24. Oh, I just realized I did not leave my e-mail address. Mommy brain…I think.
    jenniferhkline at yahoo dot com

  25. Bay Area Mompreneur

    My kiddos drink from Playtex and a Nuby sippy cup… But I would love to try the BPA free ones! I never realized the dangers until I started reading your blog!
    They mostly drink milk or apple juice in them.
    I gave you some juice by Digging this post and I will also be blogging about it later at my Monkey Baby blog as well…
    My spam proof email is:
    mommy2caitlin2004 at yahoo dot com

  26. My son is just starting to try out his Gerber sippy cup, but I’ve been looking like crazy for a quality, BPA free option. Right now, I just put water in it, though I’m not sure he’s had any success getting any out!

  27. Green & Clean Mom

    Moms, there are all these posts and I’m trying to visit ALL of your blogs but I just can’t to all of them tonight. I just wanted you to all know, I read everything and try to get to each blog at some point and leave some comment. I do. I really do. It’s hard as the traffic grows. I’m a one mama show but I try.

    Quickly, some of you have made comments about feeling bad or being a bad mommy. NO!!! You do your best and it is hard. Just learn, make some changes and do your best. This isn’t meant to make you feel bad but raise awarness and make you think, plus a giveaway!!! Keep loving and trying moms!

  28. Right now we’re just using some generic walmart cheapo sippys. Prolly the bad ones. My youngest who is the only one who uses a sippy anymore, her favorite is milk!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. My son LOVES the Foogo straw cup and the Nuby Grip and Sip straw cup and drinks milk, water and diluted juice from them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. I scoured the internet to find a retailer who actually had the Safe Sippy in stock because I had read a few positive reviews. It came this week and we’ve been using it, but i’m sorry to say that it’s a drippy cup. The spout doesn’t drip, but the neck does – seems that the threads don’t align properly. We also use the Avent Magic cup. It’s BPA free and doesn’t leak.

  31. Lisa, Cory, Ava

    My daughter has been breastfed, is now 8 months old, and has been taking water only from the playtex first sipster sippy cup. She absolutely refuses a bottle, so sippy cups are my only option. I am trying to wean her off the breast as I have to go back to work, so I could definitely use some additional cups! She also uses the Avent magic cup, which is apparently safe.

  32. We are just about to order some cups to try for my 6 month old son. We had a cup that we have now heard is not so safe! I have made a promise now, to my son, to become a green Mommy! I am in the midst of suppy cup research right now. We had some of the unsafe Nuby cups also…
    thank you so very much for your blog. If it were not for you, and other blogging moms, I might not have all of this great info.
    We are heading to the linked site to order, so thank you for that also!

    Just in case I am the lucky winner-


  33. What a day to find this wonderful place, but on Earth Day!
    Three degrees of separation got me here. I got an email talking about playtime and in that email was a link to another article, in that article was a link to another article and then finally, this blog! We are currently using the Avent Naturally bottle/sipper transitional piece. Sadly, naturally only means in shape. I am looking to switch my 17 month old to BPA FREE and am so glad I found this. Even if we don’t win, I just want to thank you for your feedback on these sippy cups and encourage more people to refer your blogs. There are more people out there who just don’t know about this stuff, like myself.

    April McLoughlin
    tadhgsmomma at hotmail dot com

  34. We’re using Foogo by Thermos. I like it. It’s not too babyish so it’s good for older toddlers and it cleans well.

  35. ack! we use gerbers! it’s her fav cause it’s all she’s got. but not for long. thanks so much for this post!

  36. We currently use the SIGG, but I’d love to compare it to some of the other sippies out there. Would absolutely love to win!!!

    mamaluxe at gmail dot com

  37. I got rid of any questionable sippy cups, and now we use the Kleen Kanteen. It’s stainless steel, easy to clean and keeps drink cold, however, it does leak!

    I will go now to link your giveway back to my blog! Thanks for taking the time to review these and sharing your results.

    agtriche at austin dot rr dot com

  38. for my son we used nuby’s because we started at 5 months and it was the easiest transition from a bottle now my daughter is a couple months away from a sippy cup and my thoughts now are a klean kanteen with sippy attachment she still uses glass bottles

  39. Thanks for the post! I’m currently searching for new sippy cups. My daughter prefers the soft straw kind, so the traditional sippy cup never works well for us. I am going to try out the Foogoo straw one that your kids loved to use and hated to share!

  40. We use the Foogo straw in lunch boxes. The top straw is usually missing when it comes home and I have to go to their website for replacements. Other than that they are great.

  41. Sometimes beverages are outside in a bag in the sun, other times they just get warm. Also, whenever there is a liquid, it absorbs the particles of the container it is in, even glass. I think this is basic scientific fact. Therefore, I don't buy what other people are saying. Plastic Island has bottles in cold water (since it is the ocean) and nothing can live there, so something must be toxic to the wildlife. 🙂

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