Nudity and every families comfort level with it are different. For some families it is normal for everyone to see each other nude (at least while the kids are younger). From showers to getting dressed it might not matter to some families. I know plenty of parents (mom and dad) whom shower with their young children and it is normal.

Then I know other families that are just the opposite. Fathers whom shower with their boxers on or never change in front of their child. Mothers who will breast feed but not shower with their child. These families that I know feel uncomfortable. They tell me that they don’t want to explain the different body parts or aren’t sure how to.

So what is or is not normal?

One good friend has actually run into a potty training dilemma because her child thinks daddy potties in his pants – she sees a lump. So it must be okay for her to not defecate I the toilet, daddy doesn’t. All this child has seen is her daddy in his boxers. Mom explains her body parts to the child but how do you explain daddy when daddy is not comfortable.

I mean at this stage it will traumatize the child.

For me, our kids see both my husband and I change or shower. We have a master bedroom with an attached master bathroom that has no door which means no privacy and so the kids are always barging in asking us questions while we are in the shower. Besides I am comfortable with the kids learning about our body parts if they ask a question. I feel this might help with their curiosity later on and the body is something I don’t want the kids to be ashamed of. I don’t have a perfect model body and so the kids see that – there is nothing wrong with that in my opinion. Granted, there will come an age where this is less appropriate and awkward but for now it is normal and natural in our home.

So what about you? What is your opinion? I love this video that I found after writing this post and thought you would enjoy it:

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