Image Credit: Annie Daulter

Children love popsicles! I mean love them! Shucks, so do adults who am I kidding? Growing up I have fond memories of the red, white and blue popsicles. Yes, the ones loaded with artificial flavors and dyes! Anni Daulter recently came out with a beautiful photographed book with health, easy and delicious popsicles you can make from home called, Ice Pop Joy. So you can now enjoy popsicles without all of those nasty dyes and artificial flavors!

What I love best about this book beyond the simple recipes would be the pictures of the pops and the children enjoying them. When I make something I like to see if it looks the way the cook book says it should like and with Ice Pop Joy and can definitely see if the recipe turns out or at least resembles the photo!

From chilling out on a hot summer day with a healthy and nutritious popsicle made from scratch without those nasty dyes and artificial flavors to a breakfast pop – your kids will be sure to grin from ear to ear! Yes, I said breakfast pop! That’s what Anni does, she gets creative and thinks of fun and new ways to use foods that are in season, good for the family and that our kids (big and little) will be sure to enjoy!

So give Ice Pop Joy and try and you’re family will be very happy you did! Yum!

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