Sophie Uliano’s Gorgeously Green Interview Part II

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I didn’t get to be on Oprah but I was inspired by the author and green expert, Sophie Uliano, when she was on the show. I recently had the opportunity to ask her a few questions and hope you can find some green nugget of wisdom from my interview with her. At least maybe be inspired to buy the book, try to win the book (see how below) or find some other way to do your part in going green. We can all do something. Here’s more of what Gorgeously Green, Sophie Uliano had to say….

G&CM: Carbon offsets are all the rage. Fly here and there, drive the hummer, don’t use reusable bags but buy the carbon offsets. How does Gorgeously Green feel about this?

GG: I think carbon offsets are a little scary in that you don’t have ultimate control over where your money is going. There are some great programs and some not-so-great ones. The main point is that I don’t think people should assuage their guilt by buying offsets. It’s more important that they change their behavior.

G&CM: When you were on Oprah you spoke of “shades of green” and it’s funny because I do presentations on being a shade of green and that’s really my Green and Clean Mom theme. Be your shade. It all came to me long before reading your book or hearing about you. Do you believe there is one shade of green that is “better” than the other? How do you pick your shade?

GG: My shade varies on what I am doing each day. I graduate towards a middle ground – a bright green, but whatever shade you are is okay in my book.

G&CM: Again, the Oprah show…when you were on the show you spoke a great deal about eating healthy and organic. What about moms who have very few “organic” choices? What are the options for these moms who mostly shop at Wal-Mart and don’t have a Whole Food with all the variety?

GG: It’s harder, but with diligence, you can do it. Join a CSA (community supported agriculture), find a local farm or farmer’s market. Go to your local grocery store and ask the manager if they can start stocking more organic food.

G&CM: I love beauty products but it becomes confusing on what to use or not use. Parabens or no parabens? There’s a certain line I walk between science and nature and I’m not all about refrigerating my beauty products so there is no bacteria growth. You have many products you “endorse” or use. What are some pointers you have for moms that want to be eco-savvy but be glamorous and make sure their baby is lathered in chemicals?

GG: Just look for the worst offenders (in my book) and know that all of the companies that I recommend, use healthy preservatives so you can have your cake and eat it too: you can buy potions without the awful preservatives, that have a good shelf-life.

G&CM: You have eight ways to go green and so I’ll end my questions with a number eight! Maybe the magic number?!? For new moms who have all this stuff thrown at them about BPA or BPA free, disposable or cloth, organic milk, make my own baby food or buy organic (wait which brand and is it in plastic), carpet treated with chemicals, or bamboo flooring…it’s all so much! What would you recommend to this new, overwhelmed new mom that cares about the environment but just wants to do right for her baby?

GG: Take it one step at a time and don’t panic. All of these unhealthy chemicals have been around for years, and we are not going to change everything overnight. Start with the area that most bothers you (food or beauty or whatever), and give your home a makeover. It has to be tiny steps to start with.

G&CM: Wait….can I have an encore??? What is your biggest challenge as a mom, as an environmentalist, humanitarian, woman, and green guru?

GG: My biggest challenge is staying centered and balanced. I’m an A-Type personality. Armed with all this fascinating information, I want to talk and write a million miles a minute – spreading the word. I need to find my moments of stillness every day – moments where I can reflect on the absolute perfection of this beautiful planet.

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  1. I watched her on planet green’s show Supper club and I really liked the concept.

  2. Thanks for posting this interview!!! I’m looking forward to learning more about this book, and it would be even better if I actually won it!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!!


  3. I promise not to be green with envy if I don’t win.. It’s a great prize for anyone.. Good Luck to all.. BTW: If I do win, i would love it!

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