I’ve written about this several times, my daughter having asthma. For two months now my small little family has struggled with this diagnosis. She’s so little, only 16 months, and it just has never seemed right to give her so much medicine, steroids, Zyrtec, Singulair, and albuterol. Is it all really necessary? The doctor said we had to get her asthma under control because she was wheezing so frequently and having asthma attacks. She really has been miserable. The inflammation had to decrease and that was why she needed steroids. The Aluterol was for an asthma attack, it opens up the airways. The Zyrtec and Singular were to help control allergies, except we didn’t know what she was allergic to but the medicines worked differently so she needed both of them. I didn’t like that the Singulair had aspartame in it and all of the information given to me was sponsored by the pharmaceutical companies. Something just wasn’t right and I wasn’t getting any answers when I asked, I had no choice because she had to get better. Her lungs could permanently be damaged if we didn’t get her better. I felt like I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. Buy organic milk but crush up Singular with aspartame and feed it to her.

What was I supposed to do? Luckily, my daughter resisted both of the oral medicines but happily took the other treatments via the nebulizer, they made her breath easier. I insisted on allergy testing so we could figure out what her allergies were before we gave her anymore medicine. What if we could control her environmental allergens without medicine? There were many tips and pointers from websites and friends to stop using milk, avoid wheat, and use natural remedies such as alfalfa. I tried some of these tips with no luck. I didn’t use alfalfa because I was afraid she was allergic to grass because of her outdoor wheezing. The entire situation has been frustrating.

Except now I know. Everyone told me she was too young for allergy testing but I had to know. It was rough to spend two hours in a small office but the pokes on her back were quick and it was over. The allergist was amazing and said she was so young we were going to do just a few tests to see if she had a genetic component. She does, she’s +3 to dust mites. So now I know. I have purchased a dust mite protector made from organic cotton to zip her mattress up in. We are looking at removing her carpet and have steamed cleaned it for now to kill any dust mites. I wash her bedding every two or three days in hot water to kill anything. Knowing is a relief but it also tells me there’s more in store for us and allergies. The allergist said she was so young that she might have more allergies as time goes and we can treat her from there.

How does this link to asthma? She still has asthma and her allergy can trigger an attack but so can a virus, chemicals, and even changes in the weather. She has non-allergic and allergic triggered asthma. There are several ways we can use environmentally friendly products to help those with asthma breath easier. Our treatment is easier because we can use a mask and an inhaler. Two puffs when she starts wheezing verses a 10 minutes nebulizer treatment. Plus the inhaler is CFC free so it’s a little green! I don’t have to give her medicine to treat an allergy she doesn’t have and that is a huge relief. She feels better and so do I. It’s nice to have her breathing easier at night and not waking up with an attack. Please take some time to visit the resource page for some helpful links pertaining to asthma and allergies.

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