Eco-Friendly Tips for Storing Holiday Lights

Storing Holiday Lights and Winterizing Your Home

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Christmas tree lights and saving money on my heating bills – these are two topics that have been on my mind lately. What do these two things have to do with one another and why am I writing about this? It’s simple; I’ve been doing some writing for Home Depot. Exciting stuff, eh?

I think so.

Two recent topics that I’ve written about are you guessed it, storing your holiday lights and winterizing your home. This means I’ve done a lot of research, taken a lot of time to try tips and tricks myself and of course then share with readers and other websites, on behalf of Home Depot, what I’ve learned.

It’s a pretty fun gig to have.

Eco-Friendly Tips for Storing Holiday LightsLet’s Talk Holiday Lights

Oh, the lights that end up tangled, broken and in one giant knot. I’ve seen friends post about this on Facebook or complain about how their lights are so mangled they’re just giving up and buying new ones. Yup, I feel your pain. Except this year, I have 8 simple storage solutions for those holiday lights. So when the season is over, you can reuse items in your own home and store your lights safely.  You’ll love some of these eco-friendly clever tricks and tips I have and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

Check out the article on the Extra Space® Storage blog for 8 simple storage solutions for those holiday lights.

Winterizing Your Home

When the holiday lights come out, it means winter is here. In my neck of the woods anyhow! It’s cold here inDIY Energy Audit and Tips for Winterizing Your Home this Winter the Midwest and we’re bundled up in our winter gear, fuzzy bath robes, extra blankets and mittens to stay warm. If you’re looking for some tips on ways to keep warm this winter, save money on the heating bill and conserve energy, you’ll love my tips featured on EcoSeed!

Check out my seven tips for winterizing your sliding glass doors. Big thanks to my husband for helping me with this project. We had a great time doing our own home energy audit and have noticed a difference so far or at least our toes are warmer!

I have more good stuff coming your way but seeing that winter is here and I’m tangled in holiday lights (and you might be too), I thought I’d share a few recent articles I’ve written on behalf of Home Depot.

6 thoughts on “Storing Holiday Lights and Winterizing Your Home”

  1. Lori Popkewitz Alper

    It’s cold here on the east coast too! We don’t have many lights to worry about, but we do winterize our home as best we can. Thanks for sharing your helpful tips!

  2. Brrrr, even us wimps in California are chilly right now. It is always helpful to have tips beyond just throwing on another jacket. Thank you!

  3. My lights are always so tangled! And my home needs a lot of work on the winterizing side of things. It’s full of leaks!

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