When your children are younger, the days can sometimes drag on. The tantrums over a noodle being out of place on their plate or that you gave them the red sippy cup and not the blue one. The very early mornings and the nights, that can drag on forever. The constant uphill battle to keep the children entertained and happy, on top of paying the bills, cooking and cleaning!

I remember thinking somedays were ticking by so slowly, it will never be nap time or “me” time. When you are in the thick of it, you do not realize how quickly time is actually going and how someday, you’ll want to turn back the clock and hold your baby again. How you would trade cleaning the house for one more game of peek-a-boo or reading a board book. It’s impossible to realize how special the time is when you’re just so tired and worn down.

I get it. I’d buy a time machine tomorrow if they sold one.

Luckily, I have photos to take me back to the great summer memories of when my big kids were little. Summertime memories I’ll hold on to forever.

A Few of My Favorite Summertime Memories with my Children

Rafting down the river and how many giggles I heard. I’m not sure I laughed a lot but I know they loved it!

Summertime Memories of Rafting

Rock collecting for hours and hours on end, filling buckets and getting wet! A great summertime memory!

Rock Hunting in Michigan for #Petoskey Stones

Looking for bugs on hiking and camping trips and the excitement of turning over a log! It was the simple things back then.

Bug hunting and camping adventures in #Michigan

Going down the backyard water slide 100 times and giggling, over-and-over until their lips were blue because the hose water was so cold!

Simple summertime joys of being a child - the backyard water slide!

Enjoying an afternoon painting a cardboard box to make a fort –a fort they’d play in for days!

Tech free summertime days and activities that keep kids busy!

So many summer memories and though I know I was tired. I know the days were long. I also know, I did laugh. I did smile. I did hug my kids tight and enjoy little moments; I just wish I had enjoyed more of them. I’m wiser, so now I’m appreciating the little things because the moments are fleeting.

Tell me, what are some of your favorite summertime memories with your children? Do you wish you had enjoyed more time playing with the kids instead of cleaning?

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