Veggie Ice Pop Recipes – Make Your Own In A Flash

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Ice pops are an all-time favorite summer treat for kids of all ages (my husband loves them)! If you’re like me you’re probably trying to get your kids to eat their vegetables but with these veggie ice pops that becomes a summertime breeze! These are perfect for teething babies too but beware they’ll ask for more because they are so good! Yes, your kids will ask for more vegetables!

Carrot, sweet potato and apple ice pop:

  • Place the sweet potato (with skin on) in a pot of boiling water and boil for 15 to 20 minutes (or until tender).
  • Remove sweet potato from water and run under cold water to cool. Remove the skin and place sweet potato in bowl. Set aside.
  • Peel the carrot and apple and chop into little pieces. Boil for about 15 minutes or until tender. Drain and add carrot and apple pieces to sweet potato. Reserve the liquid from carrot and apple boil.
  • Place all the ingredients plus half a cup of reserved liquid into food processor and whiz until smooth. If the mixture is not sweet enough then add a tablespoon of honey to sweeten to taste. I usually do this because they taste better to me.
  • Pour the liquid veggie and fruit into Popsicle molds and freeze. Enjoy!

Other great veggie Popsicle combinations worth trying (get creative):

  • Carrot, zucchini and coconut
  • Carrot, squash and coconut
  • Carrot, sweet potato and orange

 Try a few of these great books for other recipe ideas and tips:

Do you have a DIY ice pop recipe?

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