Tegu Natural Wooden Blocks to Inspire Imaginative and Creative Play

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My son loves to build, use his hands and create things. He has a knack for figuring out puzzles and solving problems (I wish he got this from me). We have blocks in all shapes, colors and styles because hello, I have Master’s in early childhood and encourage building and creative play! We have all sorts of connecting toys for building, creating, knocking down, counting and flying through the house type of blocks. What we did not have until last week was Tegu.

Tegu blocks are hard to explain but seriously the COOLEST blocks in town! NOTHING like blocks you have experienced, seen, touch, built with, created, counted or soared through your living room fighting pirates in the kitchen! EVERYTHING blocks should be.

When my box arrivedl I was skeptical, they were blocks and we have blocks. Except my son AND my daughter enjoyed the blocks immensely from the moment I opened the box. Our home is covered in clickable, smooth and eco-friendly Tegu creations.  From dinosaurs, lawn mowers, castles, dolphins and seals we have creative, no directions, no batteries and unrestricted free flowing imagination throughout our home and it makes me as a parent and educator smile from ear to ear.

I hear over and over…

“Mom, look at what I made.”

“Mom, look at this, these are so cool!”

I hear over and over clicking sounds and I know there is some building, creations and minds at work.

I have heard and scratched my head…

“Mom, how do I build?”

“Mom, I am not sure how to make ______________.”

This is where I have tweeted @Tegu because through December 25, 2010 you can actually request to see things built LIVE. For the visual learner, this is AMAZING and I am visual learner so I’m super excited to see this verses directions and pictures but hands building what I have in my head or rather what my child is thinking about and needs help creating!  My son personally wanted to see a flame breathing dragon and pirate ship and in less than 14 minutes he had both! Wow! So if you want to encourage hours of creative play, teach math concepts, allow hands on kinesthetic building opportunities, support sustainable forestry and human working conditions for those in third world countries, TEGU is the answer! I’m sold and bang, another kit ordered TODAY!

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  1. Fabulous! Smell them, rub them on your face- much nicer than lego! And it is not made of chemicals and it will bio-degrade! Everyone wins!

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