The Green Teen: Help Me Win and Donate 10 of These Books

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Years ago I worked with teens coaching high school debate and forensics and though I joked at the similarity between them and the preschool age group there is a lot of truth to that. Hear me out because I do not mean this to be insulting – what I am implying is that they are determined, stubborn to do it their way and easily motivated when they find a passion. My son is the exact same way and he is 5 not 15! I hope I remember some techniques that I use today with my son to help guide him in the right direction when he is at the teenager stage of his life. Hopefully with his up bringing he will be a very eco-friendly and motivated teen. Luckily, I’m not at this phase of life right now and I’m still enjoying cuddling and races that I can win but if you’re raising a teen or even a pre-teen you know that like all stages of parenthood there are challenges. One challenge might very well be helping your child to learn about the toxins in their life, how to reduce their carbon footprint, eat organic healthy food verses fast food and pizza or maybe even something as simple as recycling their soda bottles!

The Green Teen happens to be the resource all parents should grab if they have a teen or pre-teen in their home. It’s a resource that isn’t only written by a eco-savvy mom and environmentalist but one that a parent can read to learn from and then hand to their teenager to read! Yes, your teen should read this book but let me tell you why – it’s easy and fast to read so they won’t get frustrated and be board AND it’s fun! Yes, reading that is fun and meaningful. I’d love for Middle or High Schools to require this for their life sciences curriculum.

Jenn Savedge really does a great job and making a person feel inspired through this book. She’s like that in real life as well, I’ve met her and she radiates inspiration but through her book she really makes a teen feel like they can make a difference. With tips on where to start, the meaning of labels and the basic must knows on what to eat, how to involve other teens, teachers, adults and the community. The chapters include what teens care about – like their wardrobe, makeup and their wheels! Each chapter includes websites to surf for further information and spells out exactly why a teen should bother with going green or doing something good for the environment.

For teachers, parents, educators, grandparents: The Green Teen is a book you need to buy for the budding young adult in your life. Read it first so you know what to expect, give it as a gift, buy one for a school library, local library or teen church program. Get the word out there to help inspire these teens to do something meaningful with their time and for the environment. Like I said, teens are stubborn and determined but when you give them something to inspire them they can do some incredible things.

I’d like to help do something incredible and you can help me so listen up. Jenn Savedge will be giving away $100 to the blogger who gets the most comments on their post about The Green Teen. She will announce the winner at The Green Teen Twitter party on May 29th at 9pm EST #TheGreenTeen. I’d like to win and use that $100 to several copies of her book and donate them to places that could really use them. Maybe to a YMCA, Teen Club, Local Library, etc. So help me win the $100. That would be 10 copies I could donate so help make that possible and leave a comment!

16 thoughts on “The Green Teen: Help Me Win and Donate 10 of These Books”

  1. What a very cool contest!! I know my daughter and a couple of her friends would just love that book!! Heading to tweet your post and check on Amazon for the book! 🙂

    Lisa Marie Mary’s last blog post..Mood Rings

  2. steffmarcusky

    I love this! I’m a resource for helping families reduce their carbon footprint, and this would be an excellent thing to have. Thanks for telling me about it.

  3. OH! It’s published by that cool company I just recently learned about – New Society! I’ll definitely buy from there – and sending the links to my friend on Facebook who is the mom of my daughter’s MOST eco-focused friend!

  4. This book is SO needed! As the mother of a new “tween,” and as an eco fashion retailer, I know how hard it is to find great green products (especially organic clothing!) for kids 8-teens. Today’s green teen will be tomorrow’s green leaders!

  5. Green Adoptions

    This looks like such a great read and inspiration for many teens. I am going to buy a couple and spread them around to my son, young cousin and friend’s kids too!

  6. Sommer, I love that you will donate the $100 to get more copies of the book.

    We are all so excited for Jenn. She’s yet another wonderful woman I met on line and we all wish her so much success with this book!

    I’ll throw something else out here too – Jenn’s Green Teen Tips are also available on kajeet phones. (Disclosure: kajeet is a client of mine and I arranged to have Jenn’s Green Teen tips put on the phone!)

  7. I hope you win! This sounds like a wonderful book! Hopefully it will grow as popular the the “Chicken Soup for the teenage soul” books… it could have the same lasting affect.

    Thank you for the great post!

    Kate’s last blog post..Green Tips For Gardening

  8. Great idea! I will tweet about this post right now! Go GreenTeens! =D @HolisticMom

    Andrea Tannouri’s last blog post..Is your Teen GREEN? @TheGreenParent’s New Book “The Green Teen” Book Review

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