What to Pack for Summer Day Camp

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Summer day camp is here and that means each day I pack lunches, sunscreen, bug spray, towels, bathing suits and lunches. Oh wait and snacks, extra clothing, water and um…I’m sure a million other things.

A back pack does not work!

Everything ends up lost or at the bottom of the bag and the kids claim they never saw the apple I packed or can’t find their sunscreen so they get sunburn and it then becomes my fault. {Isn’t it always a mom’s fault? Sigh.}

Not cool mom.

I spent year and years as summer day camp counselor and director – which means I have a trick or two up my sleeve for making life easier.

Which of course I want to share with you because it is about being organized, keeping everything in its place, easily accessible so the kids can find it quick and then go play. After all they are at day camp to play!

Key things to keep in mind when it comes to summer day camp and what to pack and how to pack:

  • Everything must have a place
  • Lunches must stay cold
  • Pack lots of water because hydration is very important
  • Extra clothing and a bathing suit
  • Ice packs and probably more than one or an extra-large one
  • Something that can easily be cleaned because kids get dirty
  • No toys from home {the summer camp counselor in me is screaming this}

Here is how I survive through the summer day camp and my kids go all summer, 5 days a week from 9 to 5 and if you’re wondering, they beg to go and hate missing even one day. No lie. It has been pretty cool to see the trend catch on and parents doing what I’m doing because we’ll it works and makes everyone’s life EASIER!

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