Flax Seeds for Energy and Health

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Flax seeds, have you used them in your baking before? How about smoothies or sprinkled on your salad or yogurt? I have to tell you I love how I feel since I’ve been using the Carrington Farms flax seeds. They’re 100% certified organic and gluten free. I had never used flax seeds before and had this misconception that the fiber would make me “go” too much or that it was for the “heath nuts” and then I realized I was silly, I’m health conscious and everyone needs to get their dose of Omega 3’s and fiber, why not with 2 tablespoons each day added to the stuff I’m already eating?

I’m not a nutritionist but I know that adding the flax seeds to my smoothies (which is my favorite way of using them) gives me a lot of energy, which is why I found it funny to read on the Carrington Farms website that flax seed has been referred to as “running food”! I’m no runner but sometimes I do need the extra energy to keep me going! Any working mother or mother period – needs her energy!

If you’re new to using flax seeds and you haven’t baked with them before (they can easily be added to your muffin mix) or sprinkled them on your yogurt, cottage cheese or salad I suggest checking out the tips from Carrington Farms and finding out new ways to use the flax seeds, the health benefits and their tips for newbies – like drinking more water!

I’m still a newbie myself to using the flax seeds but there are tons of different ways and unique recipes like flax seed hamburger (interesting idea), cookies and flax seed French toast! Yum! With the different varieties of flax seed you have to experiment with which ones work best for the variety of foods and snacks you eat and what which are best for baking and cooking. The milled flax is best for baking, for example. And I prefer the individual sized packets that make it handy for when I’m on the go, I can carry them in my purse and sprinkle them on my food or add them to my Shaklee 180™ smoothee when I’m about to head out the door.

Tell me, how do you use flax seeds? Any recipes ideas or tips for this newbie? You can give Carrington Farms flax seeds a try too with these great coupons and be sure to stop back and tell me what you think and be sure to let Carrington Farms know too on Facebook!

Next up, I have to try their coconut oil because I’m a huge coconut oil fan for just about everything!

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