I confessed to driving an SUV. Gasp. This caused me to lose some readers and that made me sad. I got over it. I gained far more from this article than I lost. Wanna know why? I’m honest and hands down there are more of me out there who drive the SUV but give a damn then those that are more “extreme”. I love Mother Earth too…I’m just not a hippie (which is cool to be if that is you) and excuse me but I’m not a green washin’ mama either. When I posted on my driving an SUV, Green Daily picked up on this and posted on how I made a good point on people shouldn’t judge those that drive the SUV and that it does nothing for the green movement to be so judgmental. Amen!

Except there were a few thoughts and then one posted on my site and then a few emails, basically saying that us, SUV drivers are full of good intentions but that’s about it. That we don’t want to give up our luxury vehicles because were selfish and that we convince ourselves we need something so we don’t have to give up anything. Yup…that’s me! Eye roll. It’s best to do nothing verses something and the least us SUV driving people can do is feel guilty. “Ecological change is not in your heart or heads – ecological change can be observed, measured and compared. Perception, good intentions, and green-washing will not save us.”

Here are my thoughts on these comments and this frame of mind, rather. Feel free to actually view the entire discussion and article for yourself.

1) I do not feel guilty. I will not feel guilty. I can afford to drive what I drive and I choose this for many reasons. I live in the U.S. and if I wanted to live in another country where things were different than I would. I live here and I’m doing my best every day and that counts.

2) Going green is becoming way to much like religion and politics. It’s becoming controversial and argued about. You shouldn’t have to be just one shade of green. Did you know there are 33 different shades? When there are green confessions, glares from those at Health Food Stores because of what you drive or that you didn’t bring your reusable bag, things have gone too far. Not too far for the environment but for human kind. It’s great that more people are trying and doing something. It’s great that there is awareness and motivation to make a difference and a change. It is not good for others to treat one another like a different class of citizen for their “ungreen” choices. We are humans who should be supporting, encouraging and promoting change…not inhibiting it. Comments, thoughts and negative attitudes do not help those that are doing their best to be some shade of green. It sure the heck doesn’t make them feel welcome to join the cause and frankly, I didn’t know going green was a club with rules!

3) What I drive or what you drive does not mean anything when it comes to chemicals and pesticides in my children’s food. So if I go to the farmers market for fresh chemical free food in my SUV it just might not have anything to do with global warming. This doesn’t mean I can time my trip and make other stops along the way or car pool with others.

4) Ecological change is in the hearts and heads of moms and others throughout the World. What is in my heart is knowing I want my children to breathe clean air and for their children and their children’s, children! It is what makes us moms such motivating, driving forces and our impact is very much measurable. Take all the moms that read this blog and all of the ways they are trying and that equals less waste in the landfills, more companies knowing that they want chemical free products and pesticide free foods. The impact of what we moms do from our heads, hearts and good intentions is significant and powerful. This doesn’t mean we’re contributing to green washing or not caring. It means we are trying and we don’t have to feel guilty for not being perfect.

Drive what you drive. Make the best choices for your family with the environment in mind and if you can get a hybrid, do it. High five someone who does something good for the environment and encourage the earth friendly changes through your own behavior but don’t make going green like a club for only those that can do this or that. Be an advocate not a spiritual hindrance to human kind and yes, use your heart to guide you.

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