A Road Trip from Berlin to Frankfurt Germany Where to Stay

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My travels to Germany and Ireland this month, almost do not feel real. I planned for over a year and in two weeks, it was over. I traveled to Europe with my father and two sisters. It started as a trip to just Germany and then we added days in Ireland.  My dad was in the army and stationed in Germany, not far from Switzerland, and we grew up hearing his stories and dreamed of visiting with him someday. He had not been on a vacation in over 15 years and we decided to change that.

It all started with booking the flights and planning where we would go by car. Then as it got closer to the date, we had to pack our luggage. We took a couple of big suitcases for the family and personally, I took a female-friendly travel backpack I had been eyeing for years and finally bought for the trip.

The kids all took their favorite clothes and toys of course. And because they love sleeping in the car, I made sure they had a great travel pillow too!

It is also hard to entertain kids on a road trip for hours, so make sure you bring their favorite games, including a portable monitor so you can hang it from the seat in front. And if you want some peace and quiet, then make sure they bring their favorite earbuds too.

Where to stay on a German Road trip

From Berlin to Munich and then to Frankfurt, we drove over 1,600 miles. It was a lot of driving but we met amazing people, experienced the smallest villages and in the end knew we only barely saw Germany and cannot wait to go back. Here is a quick recap of our itinerary and links to all of the Airbnb rentals and hotels we stayed at in Germany and a quick sentence or two about the location should you be planning to travel to any of these locations. (If you are new to renting Airbnb homes for vacation be sure to check out my tips for beginners.)

A Road Trip from Berlin to Frankfurt Germany Where to Stay

Quentin Berlin – Berlin, Germany for 2 nights

Plenty of room for four adults if you book the Luxury Triple/Quadro room and the beds are very comfortable!  The hotel is a little run down and the elevator was sketchy but the staff was very nice and the location of coffee shops, an ATM, public transportation, a pharmacy, and an amazing pub made up for anything the hotel was missing. In fact, we ate at the Restaurant & Bierhaus Xantener Eck Berlin TWICE because it was so amazing.

A Road Trip from Berlin to Frankfurt Germany Where to Stay

Burghotel, Nuremberg – 1 night (About halfway between Berlin and Munich)

We had an apartment room and it was huge with six beds and a kitchen. The hotel had a pool, sauna, bar, and restaurant and was close to everything in the historical center of Nuremberg. It also was very inexpensive at only 65.50 EUR.  We really loved the cobblestone streets and the feel of this location. My husband even managed to fit in all his luggage, including his travel golf bag, which I personally thought he should leave in the car!

A Road Trip from Berlin to Frankfurt Germany Where to Stay

Vierkirchen, Germany for 3 nights (Just outside of Munich)

A lovely rental that was very clean, with laundry and close to the grocery store and public transportation. Our host was from America and spoke English, which was a huge help. We loved being only a few short miles from Dachau, Germany and close to many quaint restaurants. One thing to note is that the host lives on the premises. However, the amenities such as coffee, tea, snacks, fans, parking, directional help, WIFI, television and so much more was well worth it.

A Road Trip from Berlin to Frankfurt Germany Where to Stay

Ortenberg, Germany for 2 nights (Close to Frankfurt)

A beautiful rental home that was sparkly clean with comfortable beds, WIFI, laundry and views of the German countryside. The hosts leave a very detailed manual that was appreciated and they’re off-site, which we liked for privacy. Our family of four had more than enough room and just a few short miles from the home are many small villages with restaurants, gas stations and markets for food. This is definitely a countryside home.

We started in Berlin and flew out of Frankfurt to Dublin, Ireland. It was an adventure and I can’t wait to share in my next post a few tips for visiting Germany and these different cities, and villages and making the most out of a trip to Germany. I have many tips, observations and lessons to share. If you’re planning a trip get my guide for packing for a trip, it’s free!

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