Eco-Friendly & Warm Winter Jacket

An Eco-Friendly Warm Winter Jacket

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I don’t like to be cold. In fact, I despise the cold. It’s something you’d think I was used to after all of these years living in Michigan. I’d prefer shorts and flip flops. The snow, wind and cold is something I just have to live with and my flip flips stay packed for 9 months out of the year.

It is sad but true. I still try embrace the cold and snow by enjoying snowmobiling and having quality mittens, coats and boots. If I dress for the cold weather, I’m much happier.

Which is why, I’m excited to share with you that I’ve found an eco-friendly, warm winter coat. I mean – warm winter coat. So cozy and warm that when I’m in the car or grocery shopping I usually have to unzip it or take it off all together. This is a rarity for me. And over the years of living in Michigan, I’ve had several winter coats. Which makes me an expert, right?

Maybe not exactly but still, finding an eco-friendly warm winter coat is worth sharing. The coat is called the Nicky 2 Jacket from Lole. I paid over $300 for my jacket and it is currently on sale for $200. A big discount so scoop that deal up!

First off, how is the coat eco-friendly? I wondered this also, which is why I emailed the company directly because I couldn’t find much information on their website. Which had me suspicious and wondering because the description says the fabric is polyester but it is 100% polyester Pearlised fabric. What’s that?

My reply from the company was quick and to the point:

“The jacket is eco-friendly based on its fabric which is certified OEKO-TEX.

 For more information on OEKO-TEX fabrics, we invite you to visit the following site”

From my understanding, this means the fabric is tested to make sure it isn’t full of harmful chemicals and substances. According to the website, “The OEKO-TEX® label indicates the additional benefits of tested safety for skin-friendly clothing and other textiles to interested end users.”

So there you have it. That is how my new jacket is eco-friendly. Here is why I love it:

  • It’s warm. That is a must for me to like it and recommend it. I need to stay warm.
  • It is water-repellent. I need to stay dry to stay warm and snow is wet.
  • The down is light, I don’t feel puffy and weighted down when wearing the jacket.
  • The collar is a stand-up collar, which keeps me extra warm because my neck is not exposed. The downside to this, my make-up rubs off onto the collar and that looks yucky when I unzip my jacket. It washes easily.
  • Another plus, it washes easily. I’ve had my coat for going on two months and I’ve washed it a few times, with no issues. I just followed the directions on the tag and used tennis balls when drying the jacket. It looked brand new after each wash! Bonus!
  • There are two hand warming pockets. I sometimes forget my mittens so I love that I have two pockets for a quick warm-up.
  • The coat zips and buttons. This provides extra warmth. If you want a really warm coat you need both a zipper and then a button closure to block the wind.
  • There is a hood but is stored in the neck of the jacket. I love this because I prefer no hood but if I need a hood, boom, there it is!

So there you have it. My new favorite winter coat and after two months of cold weather, I can tell you I still love it as much as the day I bought it. I also get a lot of compliments about the style of the coat. The one thing I can say is this, the Lole website is a bit hard to find information on and they don’t give you too many details. Their customer service team replies quickly but didn’t really give me too many details, as you can see from the quoted email.

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  1. Wow – I love that jacket! I’ve been thinking about upgrading from my warm but frumpy Eddie Bauer jacket and this might be exactly what I need! Do you mind telling me what size you got Sommer? You’re tall like me – I’d probably go for a large. Do they run true to size?

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