Calypso Studios: Eco-Friendly Jewerly and Accessories

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I do a lot of reviews. I like doing reviews and getting the mail is always exciting seeing that I make it very convenient for people to send me products to review. I now have a very good relationship with the UPS man and Fed Ex driver. The reviews aren’t always something for me. I don’t get new clothing or hot eco shoes and I haven’t been given a car or anything fancy yet. I’d love to review some travel locations and I’d be happy to try some Eco Spas but mostly they are BPA free products, books, natural handcrafted toys and green cleaners. All of which I’m thankful for and love telling my readers about but you can imagine my surprise when I opened a box from Calypso Studios to find a beautiful handcrafted clay bracelet and coconut shell necklace. The UPS driver could have gotten lucky had he stuck around – just kidding!

coco-loco-collectionCalypso Studios got my attention and after surfing their website I was excited to find a lot of inexpensive beautiful products that are handmade and have the environment in mind. Not something that I find too often.

From their website:

We, at Calypso Studios, create products from earth’s natural elements. Our company is aware of and working towards using resources that help ecological reconstruction. While working closely with American Artists, we are expanding creative potential for merchandise that meet our mission. Our resulting products are fashionable, economical and promote good stewardship of our world’s resources.

Calypso Studios Inc. is collaborating with several environmental organizations to help with their causes of keeping Mother Earth’s landfills and waterways free of plastic and paper bags. A percentage of our sales will go towards these agencies.
clay-braceletThe online store is media savvy with  a Facebook page and they’re obviously trying to reach the bloggers and I admire this strategy. I’ve worn the bracelet, which is green and very fitting several times, and always get complements and the necklace is something that has been a great accessory for me to dress up a tee and still look nice.  The coconut shell necklace is very lightweight and I love how it has no metal clasps. Again, the price is fabulous! I ordered a few of the selections for my sisters birthdays and I’m sure they’ll equally be impressed.

shop-totesIn addition to the jewelry they sent me the cutest totes that hold 2o pounds and come in a cute pouch to stick into my purse or diaper bag. I’m now stylish in more ways than one and thanks to Calypso Studios. A breath of fresh air in the review department, thank you.

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  1. Their totes are incredible. I just picked the summer totes category and looked through them. The colors are gorgeous. And they are all between 15 and 20 bucks. I believe I have found one of the presents for my mom. Mother’s day is coming, you know.

    Carls last blog post..Sweater – Cardigan – Organic Kimono

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