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I love everything about my little girl but when she was a baby my favorite part was her chubby hands and cheeks. I don’t know if my sister knew that or not but she captured that moment in time for me perfectly. My sister took a close up picture of my daughters chubby hands while she was wearing several colorful rings; I would have never thought to do that but she’s really good at taking pictures and I’m glad for that. She took the picture about a 1 ½ years ago and I fell in love with it instantly. Unfortunately, I tried blowing the picture up but I kept receiving the message that if I increased the size of the photo it would reduce the quality and pixels. I tried printing it out anyhow but it was grainy and blurry. I have thought about that picture since my sister took it but could never frame it in my house the way I wanted to, until now.

Easy Canvas, a website that lets you create/design your own perfect canvas or search their hundreds of beautiful pictures to make something special for your home gave me the chance to do just that. They informed me that they use non-toxic eco-friendly archival inks and they print on cotton based material, not paper so I thought I would give it a shot. I thought my chances were slim that the beautiful picture of my daughters chubby fingers would turn out, since it hasn’t in the past but guess what?? It did!! When I opened the box and received a free 16×20 canvas picture of her beautiful chubby hands I wanted to cry. I waited over a year to be able to share that moment with friends and family and thanks to Easy Canvas I could.

I hung the picture in my daughters room since it matches her décor and I am hoping some day she can hang it in her babies room. My daughter went in her room that night and came out yelling “mommy, mommy, there’s a new picture in my room” I told her that it was a picture of her hands and she couldn’t believe it. Since the picture is laid out on a beautiful canvas it looks like it’s professionally taken and purchased. I was so happy with the results that I can’t wait to buy another one. This is definitely a perfect way to capture a special moment.

The process of designing your own canvas is so easy. All you need to do is select the size you want, upload your photo, select a boarder option, and last but not least select an image color or effects for your canvas and you are done. The canvas’s are affordable, good quality and they work at making their product a shade of green. The one suggestion I would have for Easy Canvas is to display their green manufacturing process on their website. I couldn’t find anywhere on their site information about their eco-friendly inks and cotton based material, they need to promote and be proud of being a shade of green.

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