Don’t Forget About Indoor Air Quality This Winter Season

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This is the time of year that my daughter always gets sick and comes down with croup. This year isn’t any different but maybe next year will be. I contribute her illness to her allergies and the change in the weather. We are cooped up inside during this time of year because it’s typically cold out. Now I am starting to wonder if our indoor air quality isn’t just as big of a contributor to her illness as the outdoor air.

According to the EPA Americans spend the majority of their time indoors. Some of the most common indoor air pollutants include: mold, dust mites (in pillows, blankets or stuffed animals), tobacco smoke, cooking fumes, pet hair, dander, germs and bacteria as well as pollen and dust. If you ask me that’s a lot of indoor air pollutants. Children and the elderly are especially sensitive to air pollution and most are microscopic and can easily pass through the nose or throat directly into the lungs. Not to mention how dry air can be, and the need to use a humidifier, especially for babies.

As a family we have done several things to help minimize the allergens and pollutants in our home. Some of the things we have done include remove the carpet throughout the majority of the house, use allergy covers in our bedrooms, dust regularly, clean with vinegar, use a vacuum that filters with water instead of bags and we don’t use any air fresheners in our house. But the one thing we haven’t done is use large air purifiers/filters. Since Indoor air may be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air this is something we should have been doing but haven’t.

Jarden’s aer1 Germ Filter

I was sent Jarden’s aer1 Germ air filter, which is a new line of portable filter technology which can be paired with Holmes® and Bionaire line of air purifiers. Also sent with the air filter was Holmes® medium room air purifier. The air purifier I was sent has a HEPA-Type filtration system, has a slim design which makes it easy to squeeze into small areas, has three speeds, and an ionizer option.

The Jarden’s aer1 filters that I received works in the Holmes® air purifier and comes in four different options. The allergen remover, the germ fighting filter, total air filter and the odor eliminator filter, each filter has it’s special purpose. The germ fighting filter I was sent is suppose to reduce airborne germs and bacteria knows to cause cold and flu and their hepa filtration is suppose to removes up to 99.97% of airborne allergens which helps prepare for cold and flu season and is a great option for your kids rooms. I love the fact that I don’ have to remove and clean the air filter and can simply toss and replace the filter. The filters are affordable and easy to order which makes it convenient.

I have the air purifier with the aer1 filter in our living room and have been running the unit for about two weeks. I have noticed that the air smells fresher and cleaner. We have two dogs and a toddler so anything that can help purify the air is a bonus. We in the green community try and eat healthy, shop smart, reuse, recycle, etc. but what are we doing to improve our indoor air quality?

Considering that air quality isn’t as healthy as we once thought it was I am glad that I now have another tool in my arsenal to battle allergies, indoor air pollution and the cold and flu season. I can never have to many healthy tools in my tool kit.

Aer1 wants to give others the opportunity to improve their indoor air quality and is giving a $20 coupon for any aer1 ready air purifier. See the attached link for your $20 savings.

In the interest of full-disclosure I was sent the above mentioned products with no other promises, promotions or compensations.

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Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier

I was also sent a Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier and boy what a difference it has made. We actually need more than one of these babies! Here’s what I’ve loved so far and why I’m so glad we have this during our home renovation and fight against the drywall dust!

  • It is sleek to look at and not ugly like some I’ve seen.Luma Comfort AP400W Air Purifier Review
  • The Luma Comfort is light and easy to move from room-to-room.
  • There’s a HEPA and VOC filter to help eliminate the dust, bacteria and mold particles. According the website it removes 99% of harmful air particles. With asthmatics and allergies in our home this is perfect for us!
  • There are 3 different settings and the lowest fan setting is so quiet we can watch television with it on.
  • There is a light that comes on and tells us to change the filter! I love this!
  • We’ve actually noticed a difference with how the room smells. With drywall and paint there is an odor but the Luma Comfort our home smells better through the renovation.

If you’re looking for an affordable air purifier for your home, I highly suggest giving this one a try. So far we love it and I’m so thankful to have it during our battle with this drywall dust! Watch my video for more information and to see the Luma Comfort in action!


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    Dust inside the home can build up and cause allergies. One area that dust and pollen seem to collect is near windows and on window sills. Most people don’t give much thought to their windows. I am a window cleaner in Phoenix, AZ and I understand the importance of using window cleaners that are safe for homes and the environment. I also understand the importance of keeping as much dirt out of the home as possible which is why we never wear our outdoor shoes into customer’s homes.

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