Creating an Emergency Winter Car Kit

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Where I live we often have snow from October until April. I’m used to the snow but I’ve never gotten used to the winter driving. It scares me. There’s something about being stuck in a snow bank at below zero wind chills that gives me nightmares. My jeep or van hitting ice is something I dread. Even worse someone else hitting ice and hitting me!

This winter I’ve only gone in the ditch once and it was because of ice. I chose to hit a snow bank instead of another car. It was no fun, my recyclables went flying and my daughter screamed bloody murder. Luckily nobody was hurt but we were shook up.

When I think of the ice storm that hit the southeast and the drivers that were stranded for hours it confirms I am not crazy for having an emergency supply kit in both of my vehicles. My husband has always said I was “over” prepared. Is that even possible? Even The Old Farmer’s Almanac has a list of everything that you should carry in your car for an emergency!  For me, here is what I carry in my car for a winter emergency kit (winter is not over yet so there is still time to be prepared):

  • Hat, mittens, extra socks for every family member (my kids are famous for not wearing a hat when I tell them too).
  • Extra boots for me because I often won’t wear winter boots and that is not good if I’m stuck in a ditch.
  • Snack food such as peanuts, protein bars, peanut butter and crackers. I want food that could sustain us if need be and I always have little water bottles and juice boxes.
  • A snow brush and ice scraper because that is just common sense!
  • A blanket or two because any extra barriers from the wind and cold helps – plus my kids always use them so why not throw a few in the car for safe measures.
  • Hand, feet and body warmers because it gets cold and I HATE being cold!
  • Flashlight and extra batteries because if I’m stuck and the sun goes down I want to see and be able to alert people if need be so they can easily find me.
  • Extra cell phone battery because I might need to call for help or hear radio alerts if my car battery dies or gas runs out.

Do you carry a winter emergency kit in your vehicle? If so what do you have that I’m missing?

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