Five Simple and Meaningful Easter Basket Gifts

My kids do not believe in the “Easter Bunny” anymore but of course, they are expecting an Easter Basket on Sunday. It is a tradition and we all enjoy the hiding and hunting for the baskets.  What I do not enjoy is how Easter has become all about “stuff”. They are expecting big things, not just stuffed eggs.

For my family, Easter is a celebration, not just one with parades, egg hunts and baskets. We observe the holiday as Christians. Over the years, the children have focused more on the “other” stuff, not what is important, and I am struggling with how to reel them back in to what matters most. Of course, I blame myself. I did not start out gift giving simply and now I am paying the price but there is always time to change.

If you’re looking for simple but meaningful Easter basket gifts, try a few of these ideas.

  1. Start a New Tradition with Meaning. A perfect example is giving each child a perennial to plant each Easter. It represents life and resurrection.
  2. Give the Gift of Experiences. Instead of filling a basket with toys or candy, consider giving movie tickets for time with friends and family or a coupon for one-on-one time with mom or dad. Make memories and spend time together, that’s the best gift to give.
  3. Give a hollow chocolate egg. Yes, hollow to represent what they found in the tomb. I found an adorable little printable poem from Happy Home Fairy.
  4. Teach them about Jesus. Give them a cute stuffed bunny and add a Bible verse to each quality of a bunny. I found the versus and the idea from Focus on the Family and I just love this!
  5. A Coin Purse. Help children learn about tithing by filling their coin purse to give at church on Sunday.  Each Sunday we have a noisy offering and the children love to empty my wallet and shake the can as they fill it with coins. Now they can add their own coins!




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