Go Green On St. Patrick’s Day With These Eco-Friendly Activities

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In the 1800’s, immigrants from Ireland and Scotland brought the beloved holiday of Halloween to the United States. But they also brought another widely-celebrated tradition: St. Patrick’s Day. Each year, millions of people around the United States get dressed up, go out, and celebrate their Irish heritage (or pretend they’re Irish). There are tons of St. Patrick’s Day traditions. Whether it’s wearing green, going to parades, or eating and drinking green goodies, there’s no wrong way to celebrate this festive holiday. However, why not try going truly green this year? This article is going to discuss a few ways you and your family can celebrate an eco-friendly St. Patrick’s Day this year.

If you’re planning on hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party, you’re sure to want your home decked out in green and gold. But instead of buying plastic decorations, consider buying decorations made from more sustainable materials. While felt, cloth, or metal decorations may cost more upfront, they’re sure to last for years to come. This way, they don’t just get tossed in the trash after March 17 is over. You can even take the DIY route and use old clothes and materials around your house to create some eco-friendly decorations yourself. Being able to reuse decorations is a great way to lessen the burden on the environment.

The same goes for food and drinks! You should consider going completely waste-free for your St. Patrick’s Day party. This means using reusable plates, napkins, cups, and utensils instead of paper or plastic. Additionally, don’t let any food scraps go to waste. Send leftovers home with guests in reusable Tupperware or add scraps to your compost bin.

If you’re planning on going out, try to minimize your carbon footprint by choosing not to drive to your destination. Most parades, festivals, or other activities are generally in one central location. Because of this, it makes it easy to walk or even bike to your location. This not only saves you from having to deal with heavy traffic, but you can feel good about making an environmentally-friendly choice as well. This is a great way to get a quick workout in as well!

Know what’s both green in color and good for the environment? Plants! If you’re looking for a quick way to add some green to your home, consider buying some plants. You can even get the kids involved and create a new tradition of planting a tree every year on St. Patrick’s Day to do something good for the environment. Planting trees and flowers can be a great activity for everybody. And while a pot of gold is typically a symbol of St. Patrick’s Day, tulip bulbs were once considered more valuable than gold! So consider your new plants, trees, or flowers a greener substitution for plastic gold coins.

St. Patrick’s Day can be a great holiday to start some new traditions with your family. Whether it’s creating some eco-friendly crafts or choosing to bike over drive to your festive destination, make sure this year’s St. Patrick’s Day is truly green.

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