Alicia from The Soft Landing recently asked her Facebook Friends and Fans what color Lifefactory®  reusable glass water bottle they should carry. A perfect example of how companies can use social media and see what the market is demanding! I write more about this topic over at 3 Green Angels but I just had to point out the benefit of asking your fans what they want and think! I voted orange because I love the color but the results favored blue and red and thanks to Alicia I now am sporting a red Lifefactory® glass water bottle.

Here is what I love about this water bottle and why I would recommend it to my readers and friends:

-I don’t get a metal taste when I drink from this water bottle.
-I don’t have to worry about BPA or other chemicals leaching into my beverage.
-I can use this glass water bottle with my Soda Stream and have soda or carbonated water on the go and filled in the fridge with no worries about the chemicals leaching into my beverage of choice.
-Lifefactory® says that all the materials are FDA approved and the silicone sleeve is easy to remove and prevents slipping.
-The glass water bottle is not as heavy as I expected and it washes well in the dishwasher (a must in my house).
-I have dropped it and it did not break!

Here is my video review of the Lifefactory® reusable water bottle available at The Soft Landing:


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