How to Become an Early Morning Riser and LIKE IT!

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Change is hard. It is constant and so is life but it still doesn’t make it easier.  My son started first grade, I work full-time, consult and run business all while being a wife and mommy to a three year old.

Needless to say, some days are a juggling act but when we have a routine life runs smoothly.

When mommy is well rested, our life runs much, much smoother!

So this is the biggest change this year, mommy is attempting be more well rested and change her late night blogging, social media, T.V. watching, glass of wine, folding laundry, talking on the phone, chatting on Facebook routine and head to bed before 10pm!


Not an easy task when you prefer to stay up late and sleep late. At 32 years of age I do not remember ever liking amorning sunrise or choosing to go to bed early. I used to fight to stay up late and was the grumpy child in the morning that did not eat breakfast and was mad at everyone for being so smiley.

That’s me and I’m changing this because I believe people can change when they want to.

So how does a person become an early morning riser and actually learn to enjoy the sunrise? The daunting question that I’ve been asking myself over and over and pretty much why I haven’t written or been online much – I’m adjusting and figuring it out.

Here is what I’ve learned:

1.  Google. Yes, I headed to Google my sometimes friend and did some reading. I wanted to find other people like myself who could offer advice and that were actually successful. I find it hopeful if I know it is possible because someone else has done something. I also am very competitive so if they can do it, so can I! Reading tips and stories from sites like Steve Pavlina, Zen Habits, Women to Women, Everyday Health, and Wise Bread helped to inspire me, motivate me and show me that it is possible.

2.  Practice. I’ve had to practice and let my body get used to hearing the 5:30am alarm and smelling the brewing coffee. I’ve had to practice the routine of starting the shower, getting my coffee (I prefer fat burning coffee drinks), showering, watching the news, making breakfast, starting work, getting the kids up, etc., etc. Doing it over and over has lead to a routine that I’m naturally falling into place doing and perfecting it so it doesn’t feel fake or unnatural but Iike I’ve always gotten up early.

3.  Listen. I’ve had to listen to my body cues and what I’ve learned is that I’m tired around 8pm and ready to wind down and relax, fall to sleep and rest. My body starts to move slower, I’m yawning, I feel less energy and I begin to rub my eyes. Cue to myself that I’m tired and it is time to turn in.

4.  Quiet. I’m learning to relish the quiet mornings by myself the same as I enjoyed the late nights. I’m listening to the birds chirp or watching a deer run across the lawn. I can hear snoring as a sip my coffee and mentally start my day.

5.  Hard Work. It is not easy. Habits and old routines are not easy to change. Though I’m attempting to listen to my body I still have this nagging to fold just one more load of laundry, see what is on T.V., check the email, send out some Tweets, write a post because after all it is only 9pm! That was my old routine and changing gears is not easy. I have to remind myself each night and be thankful the next morning.

Nobody said being a mom is easy and if I was single or married with no children I’m certain I would not choose to be an early riser. If I ever go on vacation I’ll probably regress to my old ways because it is my preference. I do this for my children. To be rested so I’m happy and smiley with them verses short and grumpy. I want to be present each morning to talk about their upcoming day and make them a healthy breakfast.  This is their clock and schedule and thus it is mine now. Do I like it? Yes, for now it just is not my preference.

Are you an early riser or late night lover?

10 thoughts on “How to Become an Early Morning Riser and LIKE IT!”

  1. Monique Burkes

    Love the picture LOL! I used to be a morning person, but not anymore. It sucks too. I don’t like staying up late but that is what my life has become – I get more work done when the girls are in bed and now don’t like to get up. Snooze and I are friends.

  2. Great article! I prefer to get stay up late and sleep late, as well. But with a 15 month old I don’t get to do that much anymore. I still stay up late b/c that is time that my husband and I spend together watching a couple shows we like, a movie, working or house work. It is hard to change but if I can start with a few nights a week maybe I can do it, too! Thanks!!

  3. Thank you for this post. I am really struggling with this morning thing, and I really needed this post today. I am going to try with you to change my habits and be a better, healthier, less stressed-out and rushed mommy. I wish us both luck and lots of coffee!

  4. I like to stay up until at least 11 or 12 at night. Although this doesn't help me in the morning. If I'm lucky my toddler will sleep until 7 am. Unfortunately, my husband is up earlier than that and usually makes enough noise to wake our little guy up before 7.

    At night, I like to watch t.v. with my husband or get in on a Twitter party. Not helpful for going to bed early. I'd love to change to be a morning person too. I think it's going to take a while though. 🙂

  5. Keep us updated on your progress! My daughter doesn’t start school until next year, and I’m already dreading shifting my routine. I like to go to bed around 1 a.m. The earliest I get up is 7:45 (when my daughter wakes up), and that feels like torture to me. Her school will start at 8:35, so maybe it won’t be so bad? I will have to refer back to this post for tips in a year!

  6. greenandcleanmom

    It certainly is not easy! Harder with my shows starting but I'm recording and watching on the weekend if possible. It is a major shift, especially when my daughter doesn't sleep well.

  7. I, too, came to the realization a few years ago that if I was going to fit it all in, I was going to have to get up before the sun. I like to get my workout in before the children wake up (mine are 4 and 6). As much as I HATE when that alarm clock goes off (and I tend to slam “snooze” several times before getting up), once I've finished my workout and am showered and ready for my day at 7, I'm really glad I did it. It makes a huge difference in my day. Keep it up!

  8. Oh I love both! I love staying up late and watching tv, hanging out on the computer, organizing the house etc. and I love the quiet mornings to myself as well BUT you can't burn the candle at both ends as I'm beginning to learn. Especially when you are turning 35 as I am! I need to start listening to my body more like you are!

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