8 Healthy Sandwich FREE Lunch Ideas Kids LOVE

My daughter isn’t into sandwiches. It’s a new thing. Tomorrow she might like them again but today, she’s refusing to eat them. I get it. It’s easy to get bored with your packed lunch. Which means, I’m pinning ideas on Pinterest like a mad woman, trying to prepare for back to school lunches. My son, he’s easy going. He’ll eat an apple, string cheese and whatever else I throw his way. Not my daughter.  I’ve come up with many new lunchbox ideas that are sandwich free for my picky eater and I’m excited to share a few of these with you. After all, us mama’s need to stick together!

Cocktail shrimp – high in protein and I can buy a large frozen bag and thaw several pieces of shrimp for the week. Tip:   dry the thawed shrimp with a paper towel before packing them.

Mini Bagels & Cream Cheese – This does not count as a sandwich for some reason, in my daughter’s mind, so I’m going with it!

Whole Wheat Noodles in Parmesan Cheese with Broccoli Florets – I mix it all together with olive oil and a touch of salt. To make life easier, I divide several days’ worth into containers for easy packing!

Hard Boiled Eggs – I make a dozen at a time and have them all peeled and ready to pack. They’re high in protein and my daughter loves them!

Oatmeal, Granola & Fruit – My daughter suddenly loves oatmeal and she prefers it cold (odd). This makes it easy to pack for lunch in a container with granola and fruit. It’s heart healthy too! To mix it up, I can add Greek yogurt, make a bunch of mason jars for overnight oatmeal, and save myself a ton of time!

Mini Muffins – My daughter loves mini muffins and this makes for an easy lunch box addition, especially when I make them with fresh fruit, Greek Yogurt or protein powder for baking. Check out these 20 healthy muffin recipes if you’re looking to mix it up in the recipe department!

Homemade Cold Pizza – We love to make homemade mini pizzas at home with whole-wheat crust and my daughter loves hers with very little sauce, lots of cheese and bacon. This makes for an easy leftover but when we make them, I make several, slice them and freeze them for easy lunches.

Chicken & Cheese Quesadillas – Another favorite in our home and we use our waffle maker to make them. I add lots of cheese, grilled chicken slices, and just like the pizza’s, I make lots of these at once and freeze them for lunches. Thaw the night before and BAM, a sandwich free lunch!

Healthy and Easy Back to School Lunch Ideas that are Sandwich Free for Picky Eaters

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