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It’s that time of year when I shave almost daily and that says a lot because I live in where it snows most of the year!  I am wearing shorts, bathing suits, dresses and skirts with the warm weather and the last thing I want is for my legs to be hairy and gross looking! This means shaving cream is a necessity but it is also expensive and full of chemicals and unnecessary ingredients. Making my own shaving cream saves me money and it is super easy! If your kids love to play with shaving cream this is a great alternative for fun bath time play too!

Here is what you need:

Here is what you need to do:

  • Melt the pieces of glycerine soap in a double boiler
  • Slowly stir in the oil
  • Add the essential oil of your choice and mix well until the mixture is completely melted and thick.
  • Use right away as the formula sets very quickly

And for days when you’re in a hurry or want a super smooth shaving cream for your legs simply use organic coconut oil mixed with a little rapeseed oil. This is quite a thick mixture but will leave your legs extra smooth. I like to use the Epsom salt scrub or coconut oil scrub to exfoliate my legs first and then this quick cream. My legs look and feel great when I do this!

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