I’m often on the go for work, which means I’m throwing my laptop into my work bag. I never thought out what my laptop bag was made of or worried about it being made of neoprene but maybe I should have done some research. Neoprene is a black stretchy material which is petroleum based versatile, synthetic rubber. What it is made from and how it is made is what makes neoprene a concern. My friends at EWG named neoprene the allergen of the year back in 2009. Neoprene can even be an allergen for some people, according to an older Press Release from the The American Contact Dermatitis Society (ACDS). And surfers for years have been concerned about neoprene being used to make their wetsuits for years but luckily in 2016 Patagonia came out with a new, environmentally friendly solution, revolutionizing the wetsuit.

Neoprene Safer Alternatives

I’m glad to be more aware and have new laptop sleeve which is a greener alternative! The people at GreenSmart worked long and hard to find a safer, healthier alternative for people and the environment and the result is called Neogreen!

-All water based adhesives
-No Chlorine
-PVC & Lead Free
-No Formaldehyde
-No VOCs (which means no neoprene stink!)
-25% less petroleum than neoprene
-25% less energy (compared to producing neoprene
-Even the green coloring of the Neogreene is a water based dye (neoprene cannot be dyed)

If neoprene worries you or perhaps you’re concerned about the impact neoprene has on the environment, this is a great alternative. It’s good to just be more aware and when possible choose alternatives that are safer for the environment and everyone.

This article was originally published in 2009 and has been updated.

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