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My face is always dry. I just have that type of skin and yesterday my Origins Face Lotion was gone. Gone. I have become hooked to the stuff ever since it was sent my way. I didn’t even share it with my new Green Guru, Mckenzie. I kept it all to myself (shh)! I’ve been wanting to try something new for my dry skin and personal care products are still on my to-do list for going green, which means I needed it more than my sister. My rationale anyhow! It was the perfect face lotion for combining with my foundation because it went on so smooth and didn’t make me feel greasy or oily afterward. It just soaks right in. Usually, when wearing a new face lotion I’m a breakout queen but with the Origins Face Lotion, no breakouts. It’s 95% organic and I like they spell this out so I’m not wondering. Oh, one thing about the Origins Face Lotion I have to tell you about… it smells amazing. My husband loved the smell and that’s a plus!

I do share and green guru Mckenzie tried the Origins Hair Oil which is 98% organic. This is what the young teen/young adult had to say about this product and remember her hair is her life (seriously):

“At the beginning of trying the hair oil, I was very skeptical about its effects. I figured that it would just make my hair very oily and leave it looking unclean. The first time actually applying it to my hair I was almost certain that it just wasn’t going to be for me, but I turned out to be pleasantly surprised. The oil smelled good, it didn’t cause my hair to look dirty, it was easy and quick to use and I didn’t really have to worry about my hair being frizzy or worry about having a bad hair day because it made my hair look really nice. It made my hair much smoother, and shinier (but shiny in a good way). It just looked and felt healthier. I would recommend this product to basically anybody that wanted to get their hair back to being healthy. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the bottle. The oil just pours out of it making it difficult to use the tiny amount they say to use on the back of the box. But other than that, it was a really nice product.

There was one last Origins product I was given to sample and it came at the perfect time, I was out of soap in the shower! The Cleansing Body Bar is perfect for my home because it removes dead skin, pollutants, surface derbies and it washes off quickly without a film. We need this in our shower with my husband working with heavy machinery; he always has dirt, oil, and grease that need to be washed off and without “stuff” being left on him to clog his pores. Most body bars we use to leave a film so I was happy to find this one rinsed off with ease.  The only complaint I have about this bar is the shape. It’s hard to hold and I would personally like the bar if it had rounded corners. Price-wise, it is on the higher end but it is lasting us a long time and with it being 90% organic, doing a great job and lasting I am satisfied with the cost.

I haven’t really used the Origins products and for my first experience with them, I’m very satisfied and would recommend them to anyone looking for moderately priced organic personal care products. I’m looking forward to ordering the face lotion and trying a few other things, maybe the Deep Cleanser with White Tea. Santa needs some stocking stuffers and seeing that I’m Santa I might do some shopping!

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