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Summer is officially here!! It took a little longer to arrive here in Northern Michigan but this week confirms summer is here and hot hot hot. Keeping cool can be a chore for some but at our house it turns in to Clean Water Fun!!! When the weather gets warm the water comes out. Our daughter loves to run through the sprinkler, play in her water table, as well as squirt herself, the dogs and her parents with the garden hose.

I remember being a kid and running through the sprinkler with my sister, chasing each other with the hose and drinking the ice-cold, plastic tasting hose water. Better than going out and buying a portable AC if you ask me!

I want my daughter to have the same fun memories of summer but with safer options. Clean Water Fun gives kids that opportunity. Clean Water Fun is a garden hose filter specially designed to fit any standard water hose.  The filter has been third party tested to remove Chlorine, VOCs, and Pesticides/Herbicides commonly found in home water supplies.  In third party testing, the Clean Water Fun garden hose filter was shown to reduce chlorine by 93% or better and reduce organic chemicals by 99% or better at time of manufacture. Their products are BPA-free, PVC and Phthalate free, Lead free, and Clean Water Fun brand products are all made in the U.S.A.Wow!!

We drink and use filtered water in the house so why wouldn’t we do it outside? I never really gave this much thought at first because growing up my generation was use to drinking un-filtered hose water and food sprinkled with pesticides and herbicides and we never gave it much thought. Now we do and we expect better for ourselves and our kids.

This is such a simple solution I can’t believe nobody thought of it earlier. Attach the filter to your garden hose, flush for 1 minute until the water runs clear and use for watering your organic garden or staying cool while playing in the sprinkler. The filter lasts up to approximately 10,000 gallons of Clean Water Fun.

If you are growing a garden this is a great solution to help keep your fruits and vegetables clean and organic. If your kids are playing in the water you can now feel a little safer about it.  VOC’s, pesticides, herbicides and chlorine have become more and more prevalent in our water and this is a great solution to help keep us safe from unwanted contaminates.

This product does not claim to remove 100% of contaminates but it’s a better solution than what you may be doing now. The carbon used in the filter is an activated coconut shell GAC carbon which attracts and holds a wide range of contaminants and the filter is made out of polypropylene plastic. Clean Water Fun does their best to make your house hold safe and fun.



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